5 Byrdie Editors Share Their Nighttime Beauty Routines

When you ask a bunch of beauty editors to discuss anything product-related, you should expect some strong opinions. When you ask a bunch of beauty editors to discuss their own beauty routines—well, let’s just say you should probably carve out a good hour of your day. Case in point: We were recently discussing our nighttime beauty rituals at Byrdie HQ and found ourselves caught up in an intense discussion about the best cleansing oils, serums, and overnight masks. Passionate claims were made, voices were raised, and products were eagerly thrust in other editors’ faces.

The next logical thing to do was to share those exact routines with our readers, naturally. Ahead, you’ll find the beauty rituals of our well-informed and product-obsessed team of editors—and perhaps you’ll even stumble upon a new product (or two) to incorporate into your own p.m. ritual. From natural beauty gems to can’t-live-without serums, keep scrolling to see our nighttime beauty routines!