What Is the "Right" Advice for Moms With Daughters Struggling With Body Image?

Our whole lives, we're led to believe our parents have superpowers, until one day we realize they're just an older version of us—mere mortals. Although, raising happy, well-rounded children while also attempting to maintain your own life, career, and relationships seems pretty damn spectacular. Inherently, our problems are their problems, and their baggage can become ours.

As someone who's struggled with an eating disorder (and the subsequent fallout) for one-third of my life, I often wonder about the role mothers play in issues with body image. Is there anything my own mother did that I can concretely say made a difference? I'm not sure. It's difficult to find something tangible within a topic so intrinsically murky. I discussed this very topic with other women to see if it brought about any new clarity. Below, eight women share their thoughts.

Ed. note: Names have been changed.