How Finding a Skincare Ritual Helped Me Move On From My Eating Disorder

Experts estimate that about eight million people in the U.S. are currently suffering from an eating disorder—and that’s not even to mention the long, arduous process of recovery nor the rampant misunderstanding of these issues in our culture. To increase awareness and perspective, our goal is to break open the conversation by featuring thought-provoking content on body image, diet talk, and the stigma and shame that millions of women deal with on a daily basis. Above all else, know that you're not alone—and if you need help and don't know where to begin, reach out to the National Eating Disorders Association hotline at (800) 931-2237.

An affinity for beauty, more specifically an intricate skincare and makeup routine, is often viewed as vapid or narcissistic. It's a perspective that is practically ingrained in our culture, scorning women for engaging in "frivolous" activities or "vain" procedures while ignoring those who don't fit the beauty ideal. The reaction to those with eating disorders is quite similar. Balking at the idea of a physicality-based obsession (which doesn't scratch the surface of the many emotional and mental causes behind body-images issues) and yet still judging those who don't look the way society dictates. It's at this crossroads that my fondness for skincare helped me move on from my eating disorder