7 Easy Fitness Habits to Adopt in Your 20s

Something I've noticed now that I'm no longer in my early 20s is that having zero workout routine is not so cute anymore. Exercising regularly is a sign of responsibility—an indication that leading a long, healthy, well-adjusted life is important to you. I'd like to think these things are important to me, too. But as a 25-year-old who has yet to work fitness into my lifestyle with any consistency, the prospect of starting now feels intimidating.

I figured I couldn't be alone. So many of us in our mid- to late-20s are navigating a career, a living situation, and a social calendar, and amidst all that adulting, nailing down an effective workout regimen can be tough. So I reached out to a handful of trusted trainers, who offered their most doable, least intimidating advice for how to start making fitness a priority.

The following advice consists of itty-bitty fitness tweaks that we can (and should) work into our lifestyle before we hit 30. They're small changes that won't make you skip workouts, feel inferior, and give up on the whole thing altogether, which trainers say is a common fitness mistake women in their 20s make.

"My number one piece of advice for women in their mid- to late-20s would be not to get stuck on one bad day," begins Triana Cristobal, a trainer at modelFIT. (See? Told you this advice would be reasonable.) "If you didn't make it to class or ended up eating that entire pint of Ben & Jerry's, it's not the end of the world, and it doesn't mean tomorrow has to play out the same way."

Cristobal promises that while consistency is, of course, the goal, letting yourself fall off the bandwagon because your workout routine isn't "perfect" totally isn't necessary. Her best advice? "Build healthy habits now and do your best to stick to them. And if you fall, get right back up again!"

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My number one piece of advice for women in their mid- to late-20s would be not to get stuck on one bad day.