Easy Tips to Help Your Makeup Last

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Things can be tough at times, which can make it difficult to keep purchasing your favorite makeup items when the cosmetic companies suggest it's time for a replacement or something new. Well, your makeup can last longer than you realize, plus there are ways to save money by not tossing the leftovers in the trash. Here are some guidelines on making all your staple beauty products last as long as possible.

•Lipstick can be used up to 2 years, as long as it doesn't smell or look abnormal. So when you are down to the very bottom of your tube and only have that little nub left, don't toss it out. Instead, scrape it into a container for later. A great container to use is an empty lip gloss or single eyeshadow pot, just as long as you clean it first and there's no excess color residue.

So what's the best way to scrape your lipstick tube clean? Simply take a Q-tip and remove the cotton from the end. Once all traces of cotton are removed you can use it to scrape the remaining lipstick from the tube and place it in the empty pot for later. If you want to get really creative, you could mix different shades to make your own, once you blend them together.

•Lip gloss works the same way as lipstick and will last up to 2 years. There really isn't a great way to scrape and conserve lip gloss, but what would you do if you ran out of it? If you want a to make your own color of lip gloss, take a clean, empty lip gloss pot, add a little vaseline, and then add a little of the leftover lipstick that you have scraped. If it doesn't blend together well you can put it in a microwave-safe container and heat it up for a few seconds. Just make sure you don't overheat it, and don't apply it unless you check the temperature first.

•Pressed face powder will normally last for one year or longer, yes that's true!  Quite often you can't get all of the powder out of your compact because the powder is stuck in the corners or breaks apart, which makes it hard to carry in your purse. There is no big save for this problem, so you will have to buy a new pressed powder, but you can save the leftover powder in a container and use it as a loose powder at home.

You can purchase a small travel-size container from any store, just as long as it has an open mouth top so you can reach the powder with your brush, or you can use a small storage container cup. It doesn't matter what you use as long as the container has a lid to keep the powder inside. In order to make the pressed powder usable, make sure you crush it so it is similar to the consistency of loose powder.

•Concealer, depending on the formulation, can last around 8 months. If you are using a stick concealer that looks like a lipstick tube, you can scrape the leftover concealer into a clean container, just as you can with your lipstick. Squeeze-tube concealers and other concealers where you cannot get into the container will be very difficult to save any remaining product unless you perform surgery on the package and that could be very messy.

Instead, if you are using a concealer that cannot be opened to scrape and you are in need of a concealer, simply use the semi-dried foundation makeup that collects around the cap of your foundation bottle.

Blush can last around a year before you need a new one. If you have a favorite powder blush that you use almost daily, try the same trick mentioned before about the pressed face powder. Put any remaining breakage and crumbs into a container, crush to make it easier to use, and then store it with a lid for later use. If you are using a cream blush and it is in a pot container, you can scrape the sides by using the Q-tip method mentioned in the lipstick area, smooth it out evenly, and continue to use it until completely finished. Just make sure to keep the pot for future storage uses.

•Mascara should be tossed every 6 months since it is worn so close to your eyes. The thing about mascara is that there really is no way to scrape out mascara for later without it drying out. So how can you conserve on mascara? Well, most companies will try to tell you to ditch your mascara every 3 months, when you can actually keep it for 6. Another tip is not to pump your mascara because this gets air into the container, which will make it dry out faster and flake while on your lashes. A final tip is if you buy department store brands, don't be afraid to ask for mascara samples while you are there. Most cosmetic companies will have samples of mascara for you to try, and the sample tube can last for 1-2 months. But if that tactic fails, then look for gift time because many gifts with purchase have a mascara sample inside.​​​

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