How to Create a Smoky Eye Like a Makeup Artist



The smoky eye is a staple in any beauty arsenal, but unfortunately, all that blending, brushing, and lining can take quite a bit of time. Since we don’t always have 15 minutes to spare, let alone 30, we reached out to Honey Artists celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein for her tips on how to create an easy smoky eye.

There’s a common misconception that a smoky eye is difficult to create, but, thanks to Gerstein’s handy-dandy breakdown, that is no longer the case. From tips on how to blend your shadow to the best technique for applying liner, Gerstein gives us easy-to-follow instructions on how to create a smoldering smoky eye whether you're running low on time or have an hour to spare. To learn how to create the eye makeup look that Gerstein says “is always alluring,” keep on reading.