This Is the #1 Hair Trend From Fashion Month

Even with the rise of “no makeup” makeup on the catwalk, runway hair has always been something that is meant more to be admired than copied. Case in point: The wet look that was everywhere over the past few seasons but that, sadly, usually makes most of us look like grease bombs IRL.

But last month at New York Fashion Week, we began to notice a glorious trend with every backstage visit: The hair tutorials were almost alarmingly short—but so sweet. Effortless and undone were definitely buzzwords, and “we wanted to show off the models’ natural texture” was something of a mantra. Low-key low-knots, tousled locks, and even a little bit of frizz have been the norm from NYFW to the European runways. Finally, the age of “don’t-care hair” is here.

And who knew there were so many ways to not care? Here, we outline seven styles alone that require minimal time and even less effort. Keep reading to find out just how much more awesome your morning routine is about to get.