37 Easy Natural Hairstyles You Can Create at Home


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Whether you’ve lived your whole life embracing your natural hair or you are a new convert, there are days when you want your hair to be no-fuss. This could mean changing up your texture, experimenting with extensions, tools, and accessories, or sticking to classic styles. The world is pretty much your oyster if you’re willing to experiment.

Luckily, there's an abundance of inspiration on Instagram, and a fair amount is easy enough to do in the comfort of your own home so you can save money on salon appointments. Below, we've rounded up 37 easy natural hairstyles—we’re absolutely positive you’ll find some you love.

Meet the Expert

  • Darrius Peace is a natural hair expert and the founder of Hayah Beauty (a salon based in Alabama).
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Easy Natural Hairstyles Wash and Go Solange Knowles

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The easiest natural hairstyle has to be the wash-and-go, because well, it’s just like the name suggests—you wash it and go about your day. The number of styling products you use are totally up to you. (Check out this handy wash-and-go guide if you need a bit more assistance.)

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Jumbo Topknot

Easy Natural Hairstyles Jumbo Topknot Tamera Mowry

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If you like to keep your hair out your face, then a topknot might be right for you. To copy this style, make sure you smooth your roots and baby hairs down with a baby hair brush and edge styler before you create your large, luscious bun. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

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Easy Natural Hairstyles Ponytail Rihanna

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It can’t get much easier than a ponytail. “You can achieve this look by blow drying the hair and molding it down into your desired ponytail location with your edge control product,” says Peace. “Then, style or attach your ponytail. This option can last anywhere between one to two weeks by wrapping the hair with a scarf while sleeping.”

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Bantu Knots

Easy Natural Hairstyles Bantu Knots Blac Chyna

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If you like trying styles that protect your hair while bringing you close to your African roots, then Bantu knots might be right for you. Just section your hair up and roll each part into a tight mini bun. Smooth down those baby hairs and you’re ready to go within minutes.

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Easy Natural Hairstyles Twist Outs Sharon Alexie

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If you like to play around with texture, a twist-out is a great way to change it up. All you need to do is dampen your hair and apply a styling product or two if necessary before you then twist individual two-strand sections. When your hair fully dries, you can unravel the twists and reveal your elongated, gorgeous curls (or keep them somewhat twisted, as shown here). Air-drying will take a bit longer than if you used a hairdryer or diffuser. 

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Easy Natural Hairstyles Braid Out Yara Shahidi

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Defined curls can also be achieved with a braid-out if that’s what you prefer. You can do the same process as the twist-out, but instead, section your hair off into three-strand braids. This can give varying results based on the size of the braids and your natural texture, but is consistently a strong way to bring out the best in your voluminous curls.

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Curl Formers

If a roller-like corkscrew curl is more your style, you can achieve this with a set of Curlformers ($23). You know, those curled pieces of fabric that took the natural hair community by storm a few years ago? With Curlformers, you loop your dampened and product-loaded hair through the fabric (which can take anywhere between a few minutes to an hour depending on your hair’s length, thickness and desired section size). You’ll need to wait until your hair is dry to see the final result, but it’s still a super easy process to do overall.

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Water Wave Magic Curlers

Boho, beachy waves are easily attainable with the Water Wave Magic Curlers. These loose shaping tools follow a similar process to the aforementioned Curlfomers but the end result provides a completely different style.

Alternatively, you can try the official Waveformers from HairFlair; however, this toolset creates a more “Hollywood bombshell” curl.

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Perm Rods

As a less pricey curling tool set, perm rods offer an easy way to get ringlet curls. Just like the other curl tools on this list, perm rods should be applied on wet-to-damp hair. Then, let the air do the rest of the work. “When achieving curls with rods, it’s best to opt for a roller size that is closer to your natural curl size,” says Peace. “This will help increase the longevity of the style. Setting lotion is the ideal product to use on the hair while executing the style."

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Roller Set

Easy Natural Hairstyles Roller Set Iris Beilin


Straightening natural hair can be a lengthy process, but you can cheat your way there with a good old-fashioned roller set. Use large rollers on damp hair to get maximum stretch, and when your hair is dry, make sure to comb through a hydrating serum to seal your ends. If you have a hair dryer, you can achieve this look in as little as 30 minutes.

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Pigtail Cornrows

Easy Natural Hairstyles Pigtail Cornrows Janelle Monae

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As far as braiding goes, pigtail cornrows are one of the easiest natural hairstyles to achieve on your own. Unlike French braids, you need to make sure the crossing sections and the hairs you pick up along the way are going in an underhanded direction so your actual braids will pop off the head. For pigtails, the process can be done in 15 minutes or less if you’re an experienced braider.

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Flat Twists

Easy Natural Hairstyles Twists Skai Jackson

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Whether braids are too hard to do, or you just prefer a two-stranded look, flat twists are your friend. Sweep them into a low-placed bun if you want an updo, or let them cascade down your back for princess vibes. If you make your twists pretty large, the process can be done in less than an hour.

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Messy Bun

Easy Natural Hairstyles Messy Bun Ciara

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What’s better than a regular bun? A messy one, of course. It should take less than a minute to do and maybe another minute if you like to style your baby hairs. Add a headband if you're looking for some added pizzazz.

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Phony Pony

Easy Natural Hairstyles Fake Ponytail Simone Biles

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You can hack your way to a glam style with a drawstring ponytail. If you’ve never tried it before, slick your hair into a low bun and wrap the ponytail around it. You can get this done in a few minutes.

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Curly Clip-Ins

Easy Natural Hairstyles Curly Clip-Ins Zendaya

Getty Images

If you want to amp up your natural hairstyle, just add a few curly clip-ins. Make sure you section the back of your hair strategically and apply your extensions as needed. When you’re done, comb your hair and clip-ins together for an effortlessly blended look.

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Double Braids

Easy Natural Hairstyles Double Braids Tessa Thompson

Getty Images

Braiding your hair doesn’t always mean you have to get cornrows. These pigtail braids are an easy and speedy style that you can achieve in minutes—though, if you’re braiding in extensions, it might take a little longer. “You can always opt to extend with any type of braiding hair that is a close match to your original texture,” says Peace. “A smoothing edge control product is ideal for creating a sleek look around the edges.”

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XL Box Braids

Easy Natural Hairstyles XL Box Braids Keke Palmer

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Box braids can be a surprisingly quick and easy process if you’re sectioning your hair off in extra large sections. In less than an hour, you can walk out with a protective and chic look. 

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Easy Natural Hairstyles Pineapple Marsai Martin

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The pineapple method is a classic, fuss-free style that can be done in about three seconds. Just throw your head forward and gather your hair with your hair tie for a voluminous high ponytail.

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Afro Puffs

Easy Natural Hairstyles Afro Puffs Storm Reid

Getty Images

Doubling up your buns of course means you’re doubling up the fun, especially when you finish it with perfectly placed edges. This style shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. 

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Brushed Out

Easy Natural Hairstyles Brushed Out Esperanza Spalding

Getty Images

If you like a frizzier look, then brushing out your natural hair might be the right move for you. The volume you can achieve with this style looks great with a middle part. Peace suggests using a lightweight oil along with a shine-enhancing serum to finish the look.

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Faux Hawk

Easy Natural Hairstyles Faux Hawk Viola Davis

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If you like to stand tall with an edgy 'do, you can always try a voluminous faux-hawk. Throw your hair up and towards the front, and use either hair pins or ties to capture that mohawk essence. It’ll only cost you a few minutes.

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Braided Faux Hawk

Easy Natural Hairstyles Braided Faux Hawk Issa Rae

Getty Images

When a faux hawk isn’t edgy enough, throw in a few cornrows to polish off your baddie persona. If you have longer hair or feel like adding something extra, top off the braids with statement Bantu knots that look great up against curls. 

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Half-Up, Half-Down

Easy Natural Hairstyles Half Up Half Down Beyonce

Getty Images

Try your hand at a practical and romantic half-up half-down style next time you can't decide what to do with your hair. Simply secure the top half of your hair at the top or back of your head using elastics or pins, and feel free to leave a few face-framing pieces out for extra elegance.

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Easy Natural Hairstyles Headband Imaan Hammam

Getty Images

Accessories make styling even easier because they do all the talking. Take this metallic headband for example—you place it on, and suddenly your curls look even more like the crown they are.

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Easy Natural Hairstyles Banding Bubble Ponytail


Princess Jasmine might have been on to something when she was banding her long locks in Disney’s Aladdin. You can do the very same if you have a few rubber bands handy. The styling time is much quicker than it looks. “This is a versatile style that can be dressed up or down and can also be tied into a gorgeous formal bun,” says Peace.

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Sideswept Statement

Easy Natural Hairstyles Side-Swept Corinne Bailey Rae

Getty Images

Leaving your hair down is still one of the easiest options you can do. However, if you want to dress up your look a bit, sweep your hair to the side and keep part of it in place with pins or a large statement clip.

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Head Wrap

Easy Natural Hairstyles Head Wrap Yvonne Orji


On days when your hair isn’t cooperating or you just don’t have time to spare, all you need is a nice head wrap. The wider the fabric, the better, so you don’t have to worry about taming flyaways. You’ll be done in no time.

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Hair Paint Wax

Easy Natural Hairstyles Hair Paint Wax Temporary Color


Instead of going through the arduous and damaging process of coloring your hair, you can get the same effect with Hair Paint Wax. Add colorful streaks or switch up your whole head with this vibrant water-based product. Depending on what you're going for, the process can range between minutes or an hour.

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Fishtail Braid

Easy Natural Hairstyles Fishtail Braid Janelle Monae

Getty Images

It’s not every day that you see a fishtail braid done on natural hair, but it’s totally achievable on stretched-out tresses. If you’re not sure how to do this intricate braid, check out our fishtail braid guide.

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Baby Hairs Focus

Easy Natural Hairstyles Baby Hairs Gabrielle Union

Getty Images

Let your baby hairs steal the show. “Using a styling gel or edge control solution will help to create beautiful, polished edges that are sure to compliment any hairstyle,” says Peace.

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Statement Clips

Easy Natural Hairstyles Statement Clips Kitsch


When one statement clip isn’t enough, add two more for a fab trifecta. These "Glam" rhinestone bobby pins from Kitsch drive the point home thrice over how chic your style is.

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Visible Scrunchie

Easy Natural Hairstyles Scrunchie Cardi B

Getty Images

Embrace retro vibes by tying up your natural hair with a sporty scrunchie. Choose one in a color that pops—bonus points if it matches your outfit.

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Wet Look

Easy Natural Hairstyles Wet Look Rihanna

Getty Images

If you’re the type of person who likes super glossy hair, take a few minutes to apply a high-shine defining gel, hair gloss, and spray to your wash-and-go routine. After you apply a generous amount of product on your damp hair, you can either let it air dry or use a diffuser on a low setting for an ultra-shiny wet look.

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Halo Braid

Easy Natural Hairstyles Halo Braid Jada Pinkett Smith

Getty Images

Maybe you want to look a little angelic for the day, and a halo braid can definitely deliver on that front, especially if you’re a cornrow master. The trick is to gather your natural hair into a single large braid that goes around the perimeter of your head. Depending on your skill level, you can be out the door within 15 minutes.

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Braided Updo

Easy Natural Hairstyles Braided Updo Lupita Nyong'o

Getty Images

You can also show off your braiding skills by cornrowing your hair and styling it into an elegant updo. If you already have your braids in, sweeping them up into a bun will take only a few seconds. However, if you’re starting from scratch, it can take you about 15 minutes or more to install your braids and style it properly.

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Curly Pigtails

Pigtails are easy to do, plain and simple. However, if you want to dress up your pigtails a bit, you can implement a few metallic charms and hair ties or intricately laid baby hairs like on Yara Shahidi, above.

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Satin-Lined Cap

Easy Natural Hairstyles Satin-Lined Cap Grace Eleyae


When the weather outside is frightful, you'll need a hat that can protect your natural hair from the harsh elements. Grace Eleyae has stylish satin-lined caps that can keep your tresses in tip-top shape while providing warmth.

  • How can I twist short, natural hair?

    To add some texture to your short 'do, you can twist your hair when it's slightly damp (but first add in your favorite styler of choice—mousse, gel, twisting butter), and twist your hair tightly. You can leave the twists in overnight and take them out in the morning.

  • Should I sleep with a bonnet if I have natural hair?

    Sleeping with a bonnet is a great idea if you're natural. The satiny material can help protect your hair from the friction of the pillowcase. Alternatively, you can also sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase.

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