5 Nail Art Ideas That Require Zero Skill (But Still Look Impressive)



Want some easy nail art looks to try at home this summer? Look no further, because we called on super-cool Amsterdam-based nail salon Lakwerk to share five quick, simple, yet incredibly effective looking nail art ideas you can do yourself—zero skill required.

From on-trend '90s daisies and color-clash dots to ombreé glitter and out-there confetti, co-founders Jessica Scholten and nail artist Jess Cotton have shared these step-by-step guides for you to try.

"As with all manicures, simple preparation of the nail will ensure you get the best from your polish," says Cotton. "Gently push back your cuticles with an orange wood stick and file your nails to your desired length and shape. Clean your nail bed using nail polish remover on some cotton and you'll be good to go!"

Tip: Be sure to apply a base coat before you apply your color and use a top coat to seal the mani and help it look super shiny and last longer.

Look 1: '90s Daisies

Daisy nails

Using a bobby pin, you can create flower-like shapes by dotting six to eight white petal shapes in a circle using the larger end of the pin. Make sure the petals all meet in the middle.

Once the petals are dry, use the smaller end of the pin to place a contrasting yellow dot in the middle of your flower.

Look 2: The Glitter Fade

Jessica Cotton

Once you've applied your base color of choice, take any glitter polish and use the side of your brush to sweep the glitter up from the tip, ensuring you lift your brush gradually away from the nail to achieve a faded look.

Apply a couple of coats making sure the tip has more glitter and it gradually fades.

Tip: Polish with different-sized glitters to add more sparkle!

Look 3: Freckles

Freckle nails

Choose two contrasting colors for this look. Once you’ve applied your base coat and color polish, you can use a bobby pin to create the "freckles." (A hair pin is perfect since the dots don't have to be perfectly round.) Use both ends of the pin to create larger and smaller-sized freckles. The more randomly placed, the better!

Look 4: Colorful Confetti

easy nail art ideas

Apply a nude base color, then choose a variety of polish colours that are pigment-heavy so they can cover in one go.

Place small drops of the nail polish on foil and use a dotting tool or bobby pin to make random dots on your nails. Make sure the free edge is filled with dots.

Tip: to make the nails look thinner, make sure you apply the dots a little deeper towards the cuticle, rather than putting them all in the middle.

Look 5: Brush Strokes

easy nail art ideas

Use a light base color and apply two layers so you get a perfect base. A nearly-empty or dry nail polish bottle is the best to use for this design. Otherwise, make sure your brush is really dry and that you scrape off most of the polish in the bottle before applying. Apply brush strokes in different directions and don’t worry about being too precise!

Tip: Try contrasting textures by using a shimmery shade for the base and matte for the brush strokes.

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