7 Easy Makeup Ideas for New Year's Eve

Dark-haired woman applying makeup to her face


As with most holidays, New Year's Eve always tends to creep up on you. If you haven't planned your makeup look for the big night, don't panic. There are a lot of party looks you can create in practically no time at all. You don't need to possess the skills of an expert makeup artist, and even more pleasingly than that, there are loads of looks out there that require little more than the current contents of your makeup bag.

Whether you want to bring your beauty A-game or you want a pared-back look to let your outfit take center stage, we have the inspiration you need. We delved into the makeup archives of the autumn/winter 2017 fashion shows to find seven party makeup looks you can turnaround in minutes, leaving you with more time to drink bubbles (you know, the important things).

Keep scrolling for easy makeup ideas you can try for New Year's Eve.

Kissed Lips

Easy makeup ideas: woman with kissed off lips

With all the drinking, eating and talking New Year's Eve involves, it can be nigh on impossible to keep lipstick looking perfectly precise. Instead, make a look out of the inevitable imperfections by applying your favorite high-impact dark red lipstick and then smudging along lip line using a cotton bud.

Extreme Winged Liner

Woman wearing an extreme cat-eye

If winged liner is your fail-safe look, try pushing yourself just a teeny bit out of your comfort zone but extending your wings a few millimeters further to create a more extreme cat-eye like this one from the Jill Stuart. Not happy with your current eyeliner? These are the best ones we've ever tried.

Rose-Tinted Eyes

Woman wearing pink eyeshadow

If you have blue or green eyes, a rose or rust-hued eye shadow will make your eyes pop. If you don't own a pink eye shadow (not many of us do), use your blusher instead and apply it as you would a smoky eye shadow. You can even use a pink lipstick—just swipe a little on and use a fluffy brush to blur the color.

'60s Clumped Lashes

Woman with clumpy lashes

Want to keep your makeup look simple, but still elevate it from the everyday? Try re-creating the look from MSGM by loading up your lashes with numerous layers of mascara. Then use tweezers to gently pinch lashes together to create this spidery effect. Lumps will make it look more like a makeup mistake, so keep a brow comb close at hand to comb through any massive lumps as you go. If you want even thicker lashes without using falsies, grab some talc or loose eye shadow pigment (in black or brown, if you have it) and dust it onto your lashes in between coats.

Silver Starburst Eyes

Woman wearing silver eyeliner
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

If you can't wear glitter on NYE, when can you? We have loads of grown-up glitter makeup ideas but can't wait to give these starburst eyes a go. Simply swipe a silver glitter liner (we love Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, $21) straight down the center of closed eyelids. Make sure you keep your eyes shut for 30 seconds after applying so the liner doesn't smudge.

Pastel-Swiped Eyelids

Woman wearing pastel blue eyeshadow

When it comes to party makeup, it's our default to reach for smoky metallics and wishy-washy neutral shades, but there's definitely some punch to be found in a swipe of pastel shadow, as proven by the look at Mary Katrantzou. Try dampening a white eye shadow (you must have one white shade in one of those palettes you've been hoarding) and using a flat brush to swipe it under the brow bone. This acts as a sort of blank canvas and will intensify the color payoff of whatever pastel tone you choose to apply on top.

Vinyl Red Lips

Woman wearing glossy red lipstick

Adding a super-shiny lacquer to a classic red lip will automatically make a red lip feels more party-appropriate—all it takes is a layer of clear gloss on top of your favorite red lipstick. If you can't find a tube lying around, try mixing lipstick with a little Vaseline to give it extra shine. Keeping the eyes bare will ensure the look feels modern.

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