10 Things Everyone Does Wrong When Applying Makeup



It's easy to fall into certain habits with your makeup—that's why they call it a routine. But it's likely there a few common mistakes you're making without even realizing it. I still haven't mastered contouring, despite the dozens of tutorials I've watched on YouTube. And liquid lipstick? There hasn't been a single time I've been able to apply it precisely the first time. My lips often look like a 5-year-old's art project by the time I get done with them. Foundation is hard to blend, eyeshadow even more so, and liquid liner is basically my enemy. So, I figured you may be suffering from a few similar issues.

To answer a few of my questions (and give step-by-step instructions for the common mistakes we all may be making), I reached out to Lijha Stewart, Make Up For Ever's director of artistry and education. And, man, did she give me an education. Keep reading for the top 10 things you're probably doing wrong when it comes to your makeup routine.