Product Wars: This Is the Easiest Liquid Eyeliner to Apply

After years of swearing off liquid liner (my hands aren't exactly dexterous), I've finally had enough. I, too, want to master the feminine flick for a night out—no mess-ups, no annoying smudges, and certainly no terrible back-and-forth to even out each eye (that almost always ends in disaster).

The perfect liquid line was within my sight, and I wasn't going to back down now. So, I gathered my thoughts and set out a game plan. First on the list was to email my favorite makeup artists whose opinions I always trust. I sent them a few questions about which liquid liner they loved and exactly why it ruled. Then, my fellow Byrdie editors. And finally, after acquiring as much know-how and general support as I could, I had to try the products and record results.

Keep reading to find out what happened.

After really giving it my all, I came to love Eyeko's version (thanks, Faith!) of the liquid liner classic. I like to define my eyes, but not draw a super-thick, bold line, so it's perfect for me. It's easy to get a tiny, precise line between and just above my lashes for a slightly elevated but still effortless look. Though they were all pretty great (I mean, with celebrity makeup artist recs how could they not be?), I'm partial to the easiest possible option. No frills, just liner.

What's your favorite liquid liner? Let us know in the comments below!