Fit GIF: 3 Moves to Get Legs Like Gisele's

It's easy to accidentally type out the word "gazelle" when referring to Gisele Bündchen. Her long, lean legs glide effortlessly down the runway (even just walking down the street in a pair of jeans), and while we're sure her Brazilian gene pool has a lot to do with her lithe frame, she's got to have some amazing fitness moves that tone her enviable gams. But because top model personal trainers and customized workout plans aren't exactly that easy to come by, we enlisted the help of Cindy Leos, L.A.-based dance fitness trainer and Pilates instructor, to show us three moves that will help us reach gazelle—sorry, Gisele—status. 

Below, we've outlined these magical exercises in GIF form along with step-by-step instructions, all featuring the lovely Leos herself. Each move is dance-inspired, so brush up on your positions and pliés! You don't need any weights, just your own body and a mat. (No shoes needed! That'll help your muscles work harder.)

Are you ready to have the best legs of your life? Let's go!

Isabella Behraven

Lunge Into Second Plié

1. Standing legs parallel, arms down at the side, step left foot out into a wide lunge, back heels up, nice and high, pressing through your left heel, activating the hamstring and lower glute, reaching right arm forward and left hand to the side.

2. Return the body facing the front into second position, right heel up, arms in first position. 

3. Lower the right heel into a deep plié, extending the arms out into second position, squeezing the bottom and the inner thighs, scooping the tummy in and up, raising the right heel up and drawing the arms back into first position. 

4. Rotate back to your lunge, stepping the left foot back to starting position.

Muscles worked: Hamstrings, quads, glutes, inner thighs 

Isabella Behraven

Side Lunge Into Two Leg Lifts

1. Standing legs parallel and tight together, stepping the left leg out to the side into a wide lunge, bending the left leg and keeping the right leg straight ((remember to contract your thigh muscles when you're keeping your legs straight to increase overall muscle activation), pressing through your left heel, press the floor away, lengthening through the top of the head keeping your left leg straight and parallel, toe touching the floor, arms out to second position. 

2. Lifting the left leg up from the hip, keeping the tummy pulled in and hips leveled, lower your leg back down; then raise back up. 

3. Bring your leg back into the parallel starting position.

Muscles worked: Hip abductors, "booty crease" (where the hamstring meets the glute), inner thighs.

Isabella Behraven

Curtsy Battement

1. Standing in a Pilates "V" with heels glued together, toes separated about fist-width apart, arms down by the side, step the right leg back into a deep curtsy plié, keeping the pelvis neutral, reaching the right arm up to the sky.

2. Extend up the left leg, reaching the calf nice and high, raising the right leg to a passé position.

3. Bring your arms in front of the body, fingertips facing the ceiling, and extend the right leg as high as you can keeping the hips square, raising the left arm up to the sky, right arms down behind the body.

4. Return to passé, reaching your arms back into curtsy, and bring the right arm up to your starting position. 

Muscles worked: Bottom, thighs, inner thighs, core

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