3 Easy Halloween Looks You Can Create With Drugstore Makeup

When I was a kid, I lived for Halloween. It seemed like pure magic: For an entire month, the whole world turned into an amusement park full of pumpkins and baked goods and spooky movies. It all lead up to a night when everyone on earth somehow agreed to live in this alternate universe where kids got to dress up, knock on strangers' doors, and take home a pillowcase full of free candy. You have to admit, Halloween is pretty special.

That is, until you grow up and realize Halloween is just another social function that forces you to spend way too much money on a junk you'll never use or wear again. Don't get me wrong—I still love to dress up and eat half my weight in Skittles. I just don't love the inconvenience of having to figure out and pay for a costume every year. (For example, last Halloween I spent $45 to dress up as a slice of pizza, and I feel stupid every time I think about it too hard.)

So this year, I thought it was time to try something different. What if there were a way to preserve the larger-than-life fantasy of Halloween without having to stress (and spend half your paycheck) to do it?

As it turns out, this is totally possible. I did a little experimenting and came up with three completely awesome Halloween costume ideas that are freakishly easy to execute and—wait for itrequire nothing but drugstore makeup. These pop culture-relevant looks are guaranteed to yield all-night compliments. But the best part is that they are insanely simple (and cheap!) to do by yourself.

Still not sure what to be this year? Keep scrolling to learn how to create these three easy Halloween makeup looks using drugstore products!

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