8 Unknown Eyeliner Secrets Every Lazy Girl Should Know



Do you remember the first time you attempted eyeliner? Was it in middle school, when you traced your mom’s blue pencil in a shaky line several inches above your actual lash line? (Hear, hear.) Was it last week, when you took a deep breath, heeded your favorite beauty website’s advice (hi), and finally took the plunge? Whenever your first foray into eyeliner was, there’s one thing for certain: It’s a fickle beast that can throw even the most skilled, stable-handed individuals for a loop, but it will improve your life. There—we said it. Knowing full well we sound like crazy, hyperbolic beauty editors, we firmly believe that knowing how to define your eyes with a pencil, gel, or liquid pen is an important—nay, crucial—life skill. Can we get an amen?

There’s just one small caveat. Eyeliner takes patience and time to truly master—two things we don’t exactly possess in excess. Which is why we thought it was perfect timing for us to share some of our favorite eyeliner tips, lazy-girl style. Shaky hand? There’s a ridiculously easy fix. Uneven wings? We’ve got you. From now on, consider eyeliner the makeup weapon you can always depend on—even when (especially when) you’re too lazy to even roll out of bed. Keep scrolling for all our best advice.