17 Cool-Looking (and Easy) Buns for Long Hair

Those of us with long hair have a love/hate relationship with it. On good hair days, we love showing it off (there's really nothing like a good hair flip). On bad hair days, all we want to do is hide it from the world. Our go-to hairstyle for those bad days? A bun.

A bun is just easy. It keeps our hair out of our faces in a secure way that a ponytail just doesn't. It's also relatively low-maintenance and pretty much goes with everything. The best part: There are so many ways to wear one. We scoured the world (aka Instagram and Google) and rounded up the buns that our favorite celebrities have been wearing. From structured knots to mini buns, we've got it all covered—and for different hair textures too.

Scroll down to see the buns we long-haired girls are dying to try.