Dirty Hair, Don't Care: 7 Braids to Try If Dry Shampoo Is Your BFF

It's Braid Week here at Byrdie HQ, and for a full five days we've got braids on the brain. Whether you’re looking for new festival hair trends, wedding look inspo, or just jonesing to scroll through something pretty, you’ll get your braid-centric fix in this column. Hope you like!

Braids are great: They look cool, they get the hair out of your face, and—perhaps most important—they disguise a bad hair day in seconds. So we took a little creativity from the runways and found the prettiest (and easiest) plaits for the dry shampoo–inclined.

Behold the Pinterest-worthy braid inspiration you’ve been waiting for.

Plus, we included our favorite dry shampoos to pair with your second-day ’do below.

Looking for more beginner-level styles? Check out these chic braids that are actually easy.