50 Easy At-Home Beauty Activities to Do When You're Bored

Beauty treatments should have an end goal, of course, but they should be fun, too. After all, DIY face masks, hair treatments, and quirky beauty devices are a classic way to pass the time when nothing else sounds fun. Indeed, there are few activities that sound more appealing after a long workday or on a weekend afternoon than a glass of wine, a new episode of The Handmaid's Tale (or Nailed It—whatever floats your boat) and some sort of gooey, wrinkle-reducing concoction slathered all over your face.

We Byrdie editors have tried our fair share of at-home beauty treatments. Some are more confusing, messy, cumbersome, or ineffective than they're worth, but the following are those we genuinely love to play around with when we're bored at home and in the mood for some pampering. Looking for a fun beauty activity to pass the time? Read on for our 13 faves, from quirky moisturizing treatments to press-on nails.

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