30 Non-Cheesy Easter Nail Art Ideas You Can Wear All Through Spring

Easter might be just another holiday for some, but for us, it's another beautiful excuse for seasonal nail art. Bunnies and eggs might be the first images to pop into your mind with the mention of the springtime holiday, but you can also celebrate with pastels and florals. What's more, you can incorporate a few of these ideas into one all-encompassing Easter manicure.

Ahead you'll discover 30 of our favorite Easter nail looks, ranging from pastel fades and tiny colorful eggs to minimalist bunnies and the prettiest florals you've ever seen.

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Happy Tips

Manifest good vibes only this Easter with this colorful smiley face nail art that's bound to make your family and friends grin through the festivities.

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Pink Peonies

Dainty designs are always a good idea for Easter. Here, we have stunning peony accents that keep the nails looking fresh and floral for the festivities.

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Minimalist Bunnies

Bunnies are at the forefront of Easter, so why not showcase them on your nails? To keep it chic, consider these negative space cuties for your holiday mani.

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Pastel Mismatch

The mismatched nail trend has been going strong for the past year and there's no sign of it going anywhere. As such, this pretty pastel grouping certainly fits the bill for Easter.

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Butterfly Wishes

French tips, florals, pastels, and butterflies make this the trendiest (not to mention prettiest) Easter manicure we've ever seen.

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Whoppers Robin Eggs

If you remember opening your Easter basket only to find robin's egg-inspired Whoppers, then this speckled blue manicure will add a nostalgic flair to your beauty routine.

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Spring Florals

Flowers are popular for not only Easter but spring as a whole. That said, if you're searching for an eye-catching manicure that works well past Easter Sunday, this retro floral design is a lovely pick.

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Baby Blue Nails

Easter falls within the "April showers" time span, making this two-tone blue manicure a cute idea for the holiday and the entire season.

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Floral Cuticles

Speaking of florals, this negative space cuticle design is nothing short of stunning. With intricate details and less of a chance of chipping, it's a great choice for anyone who's typically hard on their tips.

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Abstract Pastels

We're firm believers that sometimes the more colors and patterns, the better. Hence our love for this multi-colored pastel masterpiece that brings images of Easter, April showers, and springtime cheer to mind.

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Daisies for Days

Give your Easter mani a little flower power with this easy-to-recreate daisy design. All you need is a toothpick and white and yellow polishes to bring the minimalist look to life.

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Matte Diagonals

Sure, shiny nails are pretty, but have you seen how chic matte nail art can look? This pastel diagonal design will leave you swooning.

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Simple Florals

Loving the floral theme? This colorful nail art idea creates the appearance of a bouquet of wildflowers on each nail.

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Pastel Dots

Pastels are gorgeous, but some people can't imagine a mani without a little black. If you fall into this camp, you'll love these pastel nails that are dotted with tiny black accents.

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Baby Bunny

How cute are these pale yellow Easter nails? With a precious bunny and an even more adorable carrot, what's not to love?

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Iridescent Roses

These iridescent rose nails will give your Easter-ready beauty routine an almost magical appeal.

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Faded Pastel Tips

Dots can be worn a bunch of different ways when it comes to stunning nail art ideas. Here, they're overlapped and slightly faded for an ethereal effect.

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Pastel Rainbow

If coffin nails are your jam, consider copying this pastel mix. If you simply love the color palette, you'll be glad to know it can be worn on nails of all shapes and sizes.

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Pastel Ombré Tips

Here's another coffin-shaped nail art idea. The ombré fade gives these nails a natural-meets-bold appeal that we can't look away from. No wonder so many celebs are copping the mani.

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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter lovers everywhere will appreciate this Easter egg hunt-inspired manicure. With a pale blue background, detailed painted eggs, and blades of green grass slightly hiding them from sight, these nails perfectly capture the appeal of a childhood Easter extravaganza.

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Purple Florals

Cherry blossom trees are known to blossom in early April, making this nail art idea perfect for Easter.

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Melted Malt Balls

Sweets are often a major part of any Easter celebration, which is likely why these candy-inspired melting nails are such a fun idea for the holiday.

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Hello Kitty Easter Nails

Hello Kitty lovers will swoon over these adorable animated nails. With Easter outfits and pastel colors, they're perfect for the holiday.

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Sparkle Rainbow Fade

If you prefer to pay homage to the holiday with the colors of the season as opposed to real-life representations (like animals and eggs), then these sparkle-inspired ombré nails are worth considering.

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Two-Tone Speckled Nails

Speckled eggs are a well-known symbol of Easter. If you can't decide which color to rock, why not choose two and juxtapose them with a dark line for contrast?

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Neon Pastels

We love a pretty pastel—but make it neon, and it's even better. Seriously, how gorgeous are these eye-catching colors?

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Cartoon Accents

For a more direct approach to Easter, check out this bunny, chick, and egg-inspired idea.

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Dainty Florals

If you think floral prints for Easter are—eh hem—"groundbreaking," but don't want to ditch flowers altogether, check out this intricate design that can feature all your favorite blooms.

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Lilac Lovelies

There's just something about lilac that creates a calming, alluring effect for any beauty look. We're all for it—especially since the flowers painted on top are so gorgeous.

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Bunny Bums

Sure, bunny faces are cute, but fluffy bunny backsides might be even cuter (just us?). These polka-dot nails remind us of just how adorable these Easter (and everyday) creatures really are.

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