Eadem's New Cloud Moisturizer Is a Plush, Airy Dream That’s Bound to Sell Out

It's specifically formulated for skin of color.

Women holding EADEM Cloud Cushion moisturizer


Launching a cult-favorite beauty product is no easy feat. For some brands, it can take years for one of their offerings to achieve "cult status" and obtain the recognition that goes with it (waitlists, social media praise, etc.). For other brands, that ever-elusive, all-encompassing fame may never come at all. For Eadem, however, the skincare company formulated by and for women of color, it only took a single product.

Debuting in the Sephora Accelerate Program in 2021, the BIPOC-owned brand put itself on the map with its debut launch: the Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum ($68), a pillowy serum meant to fade dark spots and prevent new blemishes. Since its inception, Eadem has pioneered the concept of “Smart Melanin Beauty"—their patented technology that's specifically formulated to work with the melanin in the skin (rather than against it).

Today (February 8), the brand is launching their highly anticipated and highly requested second product. The new Cloud Cushion Airy Brightening Moisturizer ($58) is a lightweight but deeply hydrating formula that's designed to give you your plushest, softest, and bounciest skin yet.

"Our EADEM community has been asking for a moisturizer since we launched last year," Eadem co-founder Alice Lin Glover tells us. "It really was the missing piece of our daily ritual, as it works hand in hand with our Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum to safely treat hyperpigmentation." Ahead, learn more about the inspiration behind the new Cloud Cushion Moisturizer, and get all the details on the innovative formula. 

The Inspiration

As members of the BIPOC community, Glover and her co-founder Marie Kouadio Amouzame have plenty of stories to tell—particularly when it comes to their skin. "At EADEM, it’s important that we weave our heritage and personal stories into everything that we do," Glover shares. Their own backgrounds—Kouadio Amouzame was born in Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa and Glover is Taiwanese American—and skincare struggles are what ultimately inspired both the debut serum and this new launch.

"Marie and I thought really hard about what women like us needed in a moisturizer," Glover says of their development process. "As women of color, we often tend to over-exfoliate to ‘clean’ our skin, which can cause inflammation and further aggravating hyperpigmentation."

Woman wearing EADEM Cloud Cushion moisturizer


To hopefully break the over-exfoliation cycle, the team wanted to create a product that encourages users to treat their skincare routine more like an indulgent ritual. "When making Cloud Cushion we wanted to replicate that moment where you’re truly gentle to yourself," Kouadio Amouzame explains. 

The co-founders also wanted to infuse their cultures into the brand's second product. Each moisturizer comes with a complimentary metal spoon that resembles a fufu spoon, a utensil from both of their childhoods. “In my Ivorian culture, we use a wooden spoon to make a very famous dish called fufu (foutou in French), which we eat with various stews," Kouadio Amouzame shares. "When chatting with Alice about the dish and the spoon, we realized her family also uses a similar spoon! So, we made it in the shape of the fufu wooden spoon, to remind us of our heritage.”

Using this as inspiration, the team created a tool for scooping the perfect amount of product. “The spoon helps dispense the moisturizer and pick up just the right amount,” Kouadio Amouzame explains.

The Formula

While Cloud Cushion is formulated for skin of color, it works wonders on all skin tones and types. In addition to hydrating and repairing your skin barrier, the plush moisturizer is also designed to diminish the appearance of dark spots and melasma. “We worked with a woman of color dermatologist and chemist to create our own melanin-loving formula that was tested and proven to be effective on our skin,” Glover explains. 

Cloud Cushion Airy Brightening Moisturizer
EADEM Cloud Cushion Airy Brightening Moisturizer $58.00

To give the product a cloud-like consistency that sinks in instantly and feels soothing on the skin, they included nourishing ingredients like squalane, black seed oil, and tucuma extract in the formula. Meanwhile, a four-amino acid peptide (tetrapeptide-30) that's been proven to visibly reduce hyperpigmentation works to stop the transfer of melanin to superficial cells, leaving the skin with less redness and a more even tone.

EADEM cloud moisturizer


The fragrance-free moisturizer also contains snow mushroom, which has a rich history in traditional Chinese medicine. Inspired by Glover's youth, the mushrooms' hydration-boosting properties were a must for the formula. "Growing up, my Taiwanese mother would often make a ‘beauty soup’ dessert, which featured snow mushrooms," she shares. "It wasn't until I was older—and more research emerged—that I understood what my mom and ancestors already knew. This powerhouse superfood is beneficial in many ways, particularly for the skin."

Finally, a proprietary blend of ceramides is the formula's standout ingredient. According to the co- founders, the 3-Plant Ceramide works to intensely moisturize and help restore the skin's protective barrier. "Our ceramides are a skin-identical lipid concentrate, meaning it resembles the structure of the lipid barrier in the Stratum Corneum for enhanced skin moisturization and protection," Glover explains, adding that the ingredient is ideal for aging, dry, and sensitive skin.

A moisturizer that targets dark spots, deeply hydrates, and sinks in on contact? Consider us on cloud nine.

The Cloud Cushion Moisturizer is available for purchase starting today (February 8) on EADEM.co and Sephora.com.

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