Dyson Launches a Brand New Straightener With "Flexing" Plates—Here Are Our Honest Reviews


 Star Donaldson

Dyson revolutionized the beauty space in 2016 with the launch of its super-powered hair dryer, then with its Airwrap, and now—drumroll, please—with the release of its first-ever straightener, the Dyson Corrale. The new (sleek, sexy-looking) straightener is chargeable, allowing cordless use for 30 minutes, and is made with “flexing” plates to quickly straighten your hair with half the damage, according to the brand. "Flat hair irons apply tension and heat only on the thickest part of the hair; the strands at the edges are not clamped, leaving them slack, unheated and leaving flyaways," explains James Dyson, the founder and chief engineer at Dyson. "We discovered that if the plates could conform to the precise profile of the tress, then with each pass we could apply the correct tension to all the hair strands. This means that we get an enhanced style and without excessive heat damage. We simply do not need the heat that others apply." 

dyson straightener
Dyson Corrale Straightener $499.00

We got an exclusive firsthand look at the new straightener before launch. See the flexing plates in action below:

Faith Xue

About the Dyson Corrale Straightener

The new Corrale straightener took over 7 years to develop and a $32M investment in research and development. According to the brand, over 600 hours of user trials completed in five countries and including over 800 people. The straightener comes with three heat settings: 330 degrees, 365 degrees and 410 degrees fahrenheit. The brand says that you can use a lower heat setting than your normal heat setting, instead moving the straightener slowly through the hair; this way, you can get a smooth, super-sleek look with less heat and without worrying about your hair frying off (everyone's worst nightmare).

The Technology

The straightener charges in 70 minutes and provides up to 30 minutes of cord-free styling; it's not the longest time, but could be helpful for when you need to touch-up in transit. It also comes with a magnetic charging cable. Made with Integrated Intelligent Heat Control technology to regulate plate temperature 100 times a second.

The Price

So how much does the buzzy new product cost? $499, which isn't shocking considering the dryer costs $399 and the AirWrap costs $550, but still comes with some sticker shock.

Our Review

Because this launch is so top-secret, the Dyson team gave us exactly one hour to test the straightener with a member of the Dyson PR team present. So, three Byrdie editors with different hair textures huddled in our beauty closet and tested straightening iron under sworn secrecy. Ahead, their honest thoughts. 

Kelly Gallagher 

Name: Star Donaldson, social media editor

Hair type: 3c curls

Dyson Corrale Straightener Review: My hair has never gotten so straight in one pass, literally ever. For reference: in order to get my hair stick-straight, I typically have to blow it out and then straighten it by running over small sections several times. This straightener took my defined 3c curls to stick-straight strands in one swipe at only 365 degrees! I also usually have to crank up my flat iron to at least 400 degrees to get anything remotely like the Dyson result. I can safely say that having this flat iron would completely eliminate the need for me to get my hair pressed at the salon again.

Kelly Gallagher 

Name: Holly Rhue, associate editor

Hair Type: Medium texture, medium density 2b waves

Dyson Corrale Straightener Review:Completely straightening my waves in a single pass sounds like a fairy tale, but this straightener is definitely up to the task. Every bend, dent, and spiral in my hair was ironed out to silky perfection, and even my split ends feel smoother. The plates have a bit more grip than your standard flat iron, so you might find that it "catches" a bit as you glide down the hair shaft. It's a small price to pay (the catching, that is... the iron is $499) for a cordless miracle tool that packs intense straightening power with half the damage. One thing to note: it's a bit heavier than most straighteners out on the market, so might take some getting used to.

 Kelly Gallagher

Name: Cristina Cianci, photo editor

Hair Type: Thick, wavy hair; 2b waves

Dyson Corrale Straightener Review:: I've avoided straighteners for years because I just didn't have the time to commit. But I was incredibly excited at how fast my waves straightened almost instantaneously after just one swipe of the straightener. I think the cordless option is ideal for a commuter like myself—time is precious! I'm impressed with the results. The Dyson straightener left my hair silky soft and shiny after one try. I found it easy to use and fairly compact; I'm also a big fan of the upright charging dock.

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