Alert: Dyson Has Created the Hair-Dryer That Dreams Are Made Of

Chances are you've stared at a Dyson vacuum commerical in awe, jaw dropped to the floor, mesmerized by the innovation and design of an otherwise unexciting household product. Or perhaps you've slipped your hands through an Airblade hand-dryer feeling like you've stepped into the future for the 10 seconds it takes to blast your hands dry. So what if we told you that Dyson, the company that always seems like it's 20 steps ahead of the game, has just announced a hair-dryer that will more than likely change your life? Believe it, dear readers. This is not a drill. 

Jen Atkin, aka hair goddess and person responsible for the Kardashians' perfectly coiffed manes, first sparked our interest this morning with an Instagram video of a futuristic tool and the hashtag #dyson_hair. Dyson, as in, the vacuum company? We had to dig deeper immediately. 

Sure enough, after hurriedly making our way to, we were immediately met with an image of a girl holding what we now know is "the hair dryer re-thought." It promises ultra-fast drying, heat control, feather-light weight and balance so you can avoid post-drying arm fatigue, a quieter motor than traditional hair dryers, as well as magnetic attachments like a smoothing nozzle for targeted styling. They've pretty much thought of everything.

Serving as brand ambassador for the innovative product, Atkin tells Us Weekly"Dyson is such a trustworthy brand, I know that anything they create will be a game changer. So before I even knew anything about it, I knew this dryer would be great. Plus the aesthetic is so gorgeous. $71 million in innovation is enough for me." 

And as pricey as it was to create this life-changing product, it comes with a hefty price tag too—to the tune of $400. Yeesh. While we may never have the budget to own the tool ourselves, we can only hope that our salons will jump on the bandwagon so that maybe we can avoid those awkward shouting conversations with our stylists over the motor of the dryers we're used to.

The Dyson Supersonic will be sold exclusively at Sephora this September. In the meantime, get to know Bumble and Bumble's Straight Blow Dry Cream ($15) for the best blowout of your life when you pair the two together this fall.

So, will you be trying out this product? Tell us below!