Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler vs. Revlon One-Step Volumizer: Which Is Best?

We tested these popular hot air dryers side by side and chose a winner

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Dyson Airwrap Styler

Byrdie / Nick Kova

When it comes to achieving a bouncy blowout, a classic hairdryer and a round brush are no longer the easiest options. Thanks to some incredible innovations in the hair styling tools category, hot air brushes now make for simpler options when trying to recreate a salon blowout at home. And if you’re at all familiar with the category, then you probably know that the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler and the Revlon One-Step Volumizer are the most popular options on the market. Though they both work to achieve a smooth blowout, there are some very significant differences between the two—the price tag being the most obvious.

Our team of editors and testers tried a dozen hot air hair brushes in The Lab as well as at home. And ahead, we’re breaking down the key differences between the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler and the Revlon One-Step Volumizer so that you can make the purchasing decision that’s best for you. 

The Bottom Line

While the Revlon One-Step Volumizer won for the best budget option, the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler won best overall in our lab test of the best hot air brushes. Our testers found that although it’s extremely pricey, the versatility of having multiple attachments, various heat settings, and a sleek design made it a clear winner. 

*Our lab test was performed with the original Dyson Airwrap, but our editors confirmed that the new and improved version is even better.

Keep reading for our in-depth comparison of the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler versus the Revlon One-Step Volumizer.

Dyson Airwrap Styler

Dyson Airwrap Multistyler


We We Like
  • Includes multiple attachments to achieve various looks

  • Lightweight and easy to control

  • Sleek design

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Can take some practice to master each attachment

Price at time of publish: $599

Who It’s For: If you use hot tools to style your hair on a regular basis, this could be a solid investment for you. In addition to including a blow dryer attachment (the new one even has the capability to tame flyaways), it comes with barrels to create bouncy curls, a round brush attachment for a sleek blowout, and two different paddle brush attachments to dry and straighten the hair. Each attachment styles the hair to create a different result, yet all of them work effortlessly to deliver a salon-quality look. 

Max Temp: 302 degrees | Features: 6 styling attachments, 3 speed and 4 heat settings | Warranty | 2 years

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer


What We Like
  • Affordable

  • Easy to use

  • Powerful airflow

What We Don't Like
  • Bulky design

  • Gets extremely hot

Price at time of publish: $32.49

Who It’s For: Those that want to tame their strands and create a sleek, blown-out look quickly—and on a budget—will likely see the value in this ultra-popular tool. Our testers found that it dried the hair fast—but keep in mind that this is likely due to how hot it gets, which isn’t great for the long-term health of the hair. Due to the large brush head, it’s excellent for grabbing large sections of hair at a time, but not necessarily for targeting the roots to create noticeable volume. 

Max Temp: N/A | Features: 3 speed and 3 heat settings | Warranty | 4 years

How We Tested

Byrdie editors scoured the market to find the most popular and highly rated hot air brushes, taking expert recommendations and consumer reviews into account before choosing a dozen to test out first-hand in The Lab, our Manhattan-based product testing facility. Our testers assessed each one on the basis of ease of use, glide performance, styling performance, drying performance, and durability, before deciding on a rating from one to five. The Dyson Air Wrap and the Revlon One-Step Volumizer were two of the most highly rated options. 

Revlon Volumizer

Conor Ralph

What We Considered


Winner: Dyson

Considering that the Revlon One-Step Volumizer only has one, non-removable attachment, Dyson is our clear winner in this category. The multiple magnetic attachments not only help to justify the cost—-you’re essentially getting various tools in one—but they also work to create different results. The round volumizing brush is the attachment that most closely resembles the Revlon brush head, though much smaller, meaning that it takes longer to get the job done but is better for detail work. In terms of the curling barrels, the new Dyson Airwrap comes with two barrels for long hair—one 1.2 inch barrel and a 1.6 inch barrel. These attachments work to sweep up the hair and create loose curls or a bouncy blowout. And unlike the old version where the barrels would only curl in one direction, the new version features barrels that can be clicked in place to curl the hair in either direction—a massive improvement that saves time and space.

What Our Editors Say

"While I’ve struggled to get my curls to last when using the barrel attachments, I’m still a major fan of this tool. The round volumizing brush is the ideal size for targeting the roots to create volume, and the flyaway capability on the smoothing dryer attachment is a total game-changer if you have frizzy, heat-damaged hair. Though I would like my curls to last longer with the barrel attachments, they still work to make my hair look sleek and flipped at the ends.” —Alyssa Kaplan, Commerce Writer


Winner: Dyson

Despite the fact that the Revlon One-Step Volumizer has three speed and heat settings, the Dyson is our winner thanks to the cold shot that helps to lock in your style. While our testers noted that the Revlon tool got extremely hot despite having multiple settings, that was not an issue with the Dyson Airwrap. 


Winner: Dyson

We tested each tool on a variety of hair types and lengths, and while those with fine hair had positive experiences with the Revlon One-Step Volumizer, our testers with thick hair noted that they felt significant resistance when using the tool, causing pulling which could lead to breakage. When it comes to the Dyson Airwrap, almost everyone was impressed with the results, regardless of their hair type. And if you ask us, this is due in part to the versatility of the tool thanks to the multiple attachments.

What Our Editors Say

"The Dyson Airwrap slightly straightened my 3b/c hair on the first pass. It completely straightened my hair from the mid-shaft down through the ends with about three to five more passes. My hair was completely stretched out in what felt like less than five minutes. My hair has truthfully never looked this good or felt this smooth using a hot tool.” –Danielle Ransom, Editorial Commerce Producer

Dyson Airwrap

Nick Kova


Winner: It’s a tie. 

It’s often said that you get what you pay for—and in this case, we agree. There’s no denying that the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler is a serious investment. But, it comes with multiple attachments that work to style the hair differently, it has a sleek, easy-to-use design, and it works on a variety of hair types. If you frequently head to the salon for blowouts, or you’re constantly heat-styling your hair at home, it just might be a worthwhile investment to save you time and money in the long run. 

In terms of the Revlon One-Step Volumizer, you can’t beat the price tag—but you also don’t get tons of versatility from it. If you’re looking to trade in your blowdryer and round brush for a simple tool that will get the job done, the lack of versatility probably isn’t a deal breaker for you. And if that sounds like you—on the hunt for something affordable and simple—then you certainly won’t be disappointed with the performance of this tool. 

What Our Editors Say

“It [the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler] is expensive, but it’s worth it. I hardly ever get my hair done at salons anymore and feel much more comfortable styling it myself at home, so there’s a cost savings there. Plus, I get a ton of use out of it.” Jessica Mahgerefteh, Commerce Director 

"I am not kidding when I say the Revlon One-Step Dryer changed my life. Before I discovered it, I thought my dreams of achieving a smooth blowout at home were only a fantasy. Now, I haven’t booked a salon blowout in years since trying this dryer brush. It not only gives me the sleek, soft, and bouncy look I crave, but it also couldn’t be any easier to use. It’s beyond worth the hype." Karli Bendlin, Senior Editor

What You Can Expect to Pay

When shopping for a hot air dryer, you can expect to pay anywhere from around $30 to $600. When it comes to the Airwrap Multi-Styler, we think the price tag is worth it if you’ll get use out of most if not all of the attachments. When determining the right hot air dryer for you, consider how often you’ll use it, what results you’re looking for, and if it will replace salon trips or other hot tools in your collection. 

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