How to Lighten Dark Hair Without Tons of Damage, According to Experts

Not to be incredibly dramatic, but the power of hair color to change up your look is basically unparalleled. And it doesn't need to be a Kylie Jenner-level of hair transformation to make an impact—which is why you're here. You're thinking about dyeing your black hair brown, and you want to know what, exactly, that would entail. Is it possible to do in one session? Does it make a difference if your hair is colored black versus naturally black? Is it necessary to use bleach, even if you're just going a tiny bit lighter?

We asked Nikki Lee, Garnier consulting celebrity hair colorist, and Carolyn Aronson, CEO/founder of It’s a 10 Haircare, to get their tips for dyeing dark, jet-black hair brown. Here's what they said.