How the "Drybar Bill" Will Affect Your Champagne-and-Blowout Experience

These days, the salon experience goes beyond just getting your hair done. Owners like Drybar's Ali Webb have changed the salon game, going above and beyond for clients by providing iPhone charging stations, televisions, and boozy sips. However, a new bill in California could change this enjoyable experience we've grown accustomed to.

Technically salons aren't allowed to serve alcohol without a license, and unless the location doubles as a bar, most don't have one. According to Allure, the "Drybar bill"—which recently became law in Montgomery County, Maryland—could be making its way to California. If it gets signed into law, it will allow salons to serve clients up to six ounces of wine or 12 ounces of beer.  

"I would love for this bill to pass, as my clients ask me all the time—usually in the later part of the afternoon—for a glass of wine," one salon owner in favor of the bill tells the magazine. If it passes, it could mean more states could follow suit, allowing more businesses to enhance the salon experience for their clients. Hey, we're all for a little bubbly with our blowouts!

Does your local salon currently serve free wine or champagne? Tell us in the comments, and shop out the latest Drybar products available now.