The 6 Moisturizing Face Creams Beauty Editors Can't Live Without



Winter is a tough few months to bare—below-freezing weather and biting wind gusts lead to flaky, painful skin issues. Those with dry skin get dryer, and, without the proper products to combat dryness, the suffering can last through March. 

But first, how to diagnose your skin type… A fellow Byrdie editor reveals it's not as cut and dry (get it?) as it seems. As celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau told her, "Dry skin damages your moisture barrier. That means tiny, invisible cracks can develop in the layer of skin that’s supposed to keep moisture in and irritants out. These cracks can make your skin sting and appear flaky. If you don’t fix the damage, it can eventually lead to the breakdown of precious collagen and elastin." Yikes, right? 

In order to keep cracks, flakes, and redness at bay, I polled every dry-skinned editor at Byrdie HQ. Because we have access so many different brands, samples, and formulas, I'd argue they're experts on what really works. Keep reading to find out their favorites. 

Looking for more options? We polled you for your 15 favorite moisturizers to revive dry winter skin