Flaky Shins, Begone: How to Remedy Dry Skin on Your Legs

Updated 06/05/18
dry skin on legs: Lucy Williams holiday photo
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My skin is dry. Like, really dry. It sends me into scratchy meltdowns all too often, leaving my arms and legs feeling super tight. But the worst thing about having dry skin, in my opinion, is the things it does to my shins. Rather than glossy, glowy skin, more often than not, my shins better resemble a floured work surface—they're covered with a light dusting of dry skin that shows up as this chalky white pallor over the olive skin underneath.

You too? Well, there are a few things that could be causing our common problem—hot showers, shaving, the weather. But seeing as we have no control over the latter and don't plan on a bracing icy wake-up call every morning, there's no point waiting for an organic fix. If you want your flaky shins to be less flaky, now's the time to act. Of course, being extra AF, I've adopted a multipronged approach to get the situation in check, but I reckon if you take one or two steps out of my regimen, you'll still see a massive difference in the hydration of your own legs.

Here's everything I do, from dry brushing to body oil.

dry skin on legs: Elemis Skin Brush
Elemis Skin Brush $21

A daily dry-brushing ritual will help boost the circulation around your entire body, and the rough bristles will also work to dislodge any rough, dry skin cells clinging onto the surface of the legs. Pre-shower, sweep Elemis's skin brush in upwards motions. Don't press too hard, mind—it should feel vigorous but not painful.

dry skin on legs: & Other Stories Shoal Body Scrub
& Other Stories Shoal Body Scrub $17

Super-grainy salt-based body scrubs are all well and good, but I've found that the buttery base of & Other Stories' potted scrub adds the moisture back into skin whilst you're still in the shower. The grains are made from pulverized olive kernels and oyster shells—how fancy.

Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash $15

Ever stopped to consider it might be your bodywash that's drying out your legs? Quickly make the switch to a nourishing oil-based formula like Glossier's. Unlike soapy versions, this one won't strip the skin, but it also doesn't linger as an unwanted veil of grease—the oil foams up and washes away, leaving behind only a light hit of hydration.

dry skin on legs: Votary Body Treatment Oil
Votary Body Treatment Oil $55

The salicylic acid in this body oil practically peels back those scaly dead skin cells, and the (completely natural) canary yellow shade of the oil itself applies something of a colour filter over legs, making them look brighter and healthier.

dry skin on legs: L'Occitane Shea Butter Rich Body Lotion
L'Occitane Shea Butter Rich Body Lotion $24

Don't fancy oiling up? Don't skip the moisturising step entirely. Instead, try a sumptuous body lotion like this one from L'Occitane. It's built on a base of shea butter, which swaps that dry, tight feeling for something a lot smoother altogether.

dry skin on legs: Susanne Kaufmann Leg and Vein Spray Cooling
Susanne Kaufmann Leg and Vein Spray Cooling $23

While Susanne Kaufmann's clever spray is intended to stop that itchy feeling and revive tired legs (it's a god-send for flights, by the way), the fact that it boosts circulation—along with the hydration provided by sunflower and wheat germ oils—makes it the perfect finishing product for the driest of legs.

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