The HUGE Dry-Shampoo Mistake We Didn't Know We Were Making



Dry shampoo is truly one of the greatest inventions of our time, right up there with Venmo and Snapchat's "pretty" filter. But while the urge to instantly degrease our hair between showers is all too tempting, it turns out that relying too much on the stuff can actually be bad news for your strands. 

Don't commence the mass hysteria just yet—dry shampoo is definitely still fine to use; you just want to check your frequency. "If you use dry shampoo or texturizing spray more than twice a week, you're likely dehydrating your scalp, which can make the hair weaker and more prone to breakage," hairstylist Sunnie Brook tells Allure.

In other words, the trick is to view dry formulas in the same way as you would regular shampoo instead of a styling pick-me-up or volumizer—washing your hair on a daily basis is rough on your strands and can lead to frizz and an oily scalp, dry cleansers included. 

Use it as it was intended to be: a gloriously convenient alternative to lathering up, drying, and styling several times a week. Shop some of our favorite formulas below.