3 Simple Dry Shampoo Hacks Byrdie Readers Swear By

Updated 04/03/19
dry shampoo hacks
IGK Hair

Can you even imagine a world without dry shampoo? We can’t either. The product has improved haircare routines everywhere by letting us go a few days—er, okay, many days—between washes. But no two dry shampoos are alike, especially now that formulas have evolved. Pretty much every option on the market these days will remove dirt and oil, but now many have styling ingredients, too, so your hair will be clean and imbued with mega-bombshell texture.

That is, if you use it right. To ensure we’re getting the most out of our dry shampoo brand of choice (namely, IGK Hair Dry Shampoo), we tapped three influencers to share their secrets. They were more than happy to share how they use the line’s three formulas (Jet Lag, which offers a light cleanse; Direct Flight, which offers a medium cleanse; and First Class, which offers a deep cleanse) to get that effortless texture we all desire. Time to lather up…


Deepica Mutyala dry shampoo hacks
IGK Hair

L.A.-based blogger Deepica Mutyala is a strong proponent of the idea that dirtier her hair is, the better, at least where styling is concerned. (“It sounds gross, but it’s actually a fact,” she notes.) Depending on how many days she’s gone without washing her hair, she’ll switch between two different IGK Hair Dry Shampoos. Jet Lag ($27) is great to use on second-day hair for a quick spruce, but once the fifth day rolls around, Mutyala turns to First Class ($27) for a deeper cleanse. “I spray some in sections of my hair before I go to bed and then put my hair up,” she says.

“Once I wake up, I take my hair down, and the most effortless waves appear.”


IGK Hair Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo
IGK Hair Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo $27
Nicol Concilio dry shampoo hacks
IGK Hair

Vlogger Nicol Concilio is a recent L.A. transplant who regularly uses dry shampoo to help tame her frizzy hair and add volume. “I like to apply it directly to my roots and then use a blow dryer to add more body to my locks,” she explains. Her go-to is IGK First Class ($27) because it takes out all the oils and gives her hair a ton of much-needed life, she says.

IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo
IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo $27
Griselda Martinez dry shampoo hacks
IGK Hair

Raised in sunny SoCal, makeup artist Griselda Martinez has always loved dry shampoo—and she says her hair doesn’t even have to be dirty when she uses it. “Sometimes my first-day hair falls flat, so I add a little dry shampoo at the roots and the back of my hair for some instant grit and body,” she shares. “I spray it in, let the powder sink in for 30 seconds, and then massage it through.” Martinez typically uses IGK First Class ($27) too, but Direct Flight ($27) does the trick, especially on clean hair.


IGK Hair Direct Flight Multi-tasking Matcha Dry Shampoo
IGK Hair Direct Flight Multi-tasking Matcha Dry Shampoo $27

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