Does Dry Shampoo Work for Textured Hair? Experts Weigh In

Honest hair moment: A few months ago, you couldn't get me to look twice at dry shampoo. Like many other women of color with natural hair, I grew up thinking that any product with the word "dry" attached to it would not cater to my curl type. This is because natural hair is naturally drier than all other hair types, so the curly hair community leans more toward moisturizing products. But I was wrong, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm here to dismantle the misconception that dry shampoo is not meant for textured hair.

Just like straight hair, curly hair certainly gets oily too. Not all dry shampoos weigh your hair down or leave behind that chalky residue. What they do is supply your strands with a necessary refresher when wash day feels so close yet still so far away. It cleanses your hair without you having to do much when you're pressed for time. To delve into the science of dry shampoo and how it works with natural hair, we tapped two trusted celebrity stylists. Unilever expert for Tresemmé Ursula Stephen and Dove hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez gave us the A-to-Z guide on how you can make dry shampoo work for your natural hair.