Dry Conditioner: The Amazing Product You Didn't Know Existed

Thanks to dry shampoo it’s incredibly easy to skip days between washing your hair, allowing you to score enviable texture, save time, and actually help improve the health of your strands! But what about the other half of your ‘do? We’re talking about the frizzy, ragged ends and tangles that start to pop up after skipping conditioner for a day or two—or three! It turns out dry conditioner actually exists—and it’s awesome!

What is it?
Just like a normal conditioner, these formulas add shine, softness, and manageability to hair. They smooth the ends and lengths of tresses, thanks to a mixture of nutrients and oils suspended in a powdery base. Since these good-for-your-hair ingredients are in a dry formulation, they can be applied to locks on the go, without killing your texture.

Who should use a dry conditioner?
Thick, coarse, dry, and frizzy hair benefits the most, but anyone who finds their ends getting unruly can apply a dry conditioner for a boost of natural-looking shine. Those with fine hair should use sparingly: although these sprays are much lighter than oils and serums, they can still weigh down some locks.

How do I apply it?
Spray on medium-sized sections, lightly spritzing hair from mid-lengths to ends, but don’t spray on your roots. There’s no need to brush locks after. If your ends are dry, but your roots get oily, try using a dry conditioner on the bottom half of your hair, and a dry shampoo on top. Seven formulas to try, above!