Drunk Elephant's Cushiony New Eye Cream Gave 3 Byrdie Editors Their Dream Under-Eyes

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Like toner, eye cream is one of those polarizing products that may or may not have you convinced. I get it—why buy an entirely different moisturizer for a few square inches of your face?—but from my perspective, it's a no-brainer staple in my routine.

My under-eye skin is totally different from the rest of my face; it's thinner, dryer, and not prone to acne, so I find it helpful to use a targeted under-eye product. And lately, my cream du jour is Drunk Elephant's new Ceramighty AF Eye Balm. Humble brag: I got my hands on the product a few weeks early, so I've been testing the product every night for a month straight—and I'm super pleased with the results.

Curious if Ceramighty AF is worth the $60 price tag? Read ahead for three Byrdie editors' full reviews.

drunk elephant ceramighty af eye balm product photo
Drunk Elephant Ceramighty AF Eye Balm $60.00

The Formula

The M.O. with Ceramighty is to replenish the under-eye area so you can be your smoothest, plumpest self. This is a rich, creamy formula loaded with ingredients like ceramides (three types), plant oils, and oat extract, which all help to soothe, moisturize, and strengthen the skin barrier. Like all Drunk Elephant products, it's also free of essential oils and fragrance—a huge plus, because these ingredients can be pretty irritating in the delicate under-eye area, even if you don't have sensitive skin.

The Feel

Typically when you're working with a barrier-fortifying product infused with ingredients like oils and ceramides, you're forced to deal with the heavy, greasy, overall unpleasant feeling that comes with them. But despite the luxurious, Cool Whip-remniscent texture, Ceramighty does not feel heavy on the eyes at all. It absorbs almost immediately, doesn't pill under sunscreen or makeup, and doesn't leave any residue behind. Instead, it makes your under-eyes feel cute (yes), cushiony, and supported.

The Reviews

Olivia Hancock, editor, 22

woman after using drunk elephant ceramighty eye cream

Olivia Hancock

"Drunk Elephant’s Ceramighty AF Eye Balm came at the perfect time. Lately, my under-eye area has been looking dull and feeling dry. After I dabbed one pump around my eye, my skin was renewed. Immediately after applying, the area felt incredibly smooth, plump, and hydrated (and the results lasted all day). I've never been so impressed with an eye cream."

Holly Rhue, associate editorial director, 27

woman wearing drunk elephant eye cream

Holly Rhue

"Did this completely erase my genetic under-eye circles and pay my bills? No. (I need filler and a dream.) But it did deliver an immediate plumping effect to my fine lines and resolve the retinoid-related redness around my eye corners. I love that this formula gives me the power of a thick, goopy nighttime eye cream with the delightful, lightweight texture of a daytime moisturizer. And like so many Drunk Elephant products, it comes in an airtight, hygienic, pump top tube to keep the formula clean and potent."

Eden Stuart, associate editor, 31

woman after using drunk elephant ceramighty balm

Eden Stuart

"Before I jump into my review, a caveat: My under-eye area is my biggest beauty concern, due to a less-than-ideal sleep schedule and plain old genetics. With that put out there, I've been applying the Ceramighty AF Eye Balm in the morning and at night for about a week now. In the morning, I'll use a rose quartz roller under my eyes for de-puffing as well. 

"The product claims to 'deliver long-lasting moisture, restore elasticity, and soothe signs of fatigue.' While I can't say I've seen a marked difference in my fine lines or increased plumpness thus far, the formulation is elegant and it feels nice when applied. And it plays very well with makeup, which is important: Concealer is one of the most important tools in combating my under-eye darkness, so an eye cream that doesn't cause concealer to lift or accentuate texture is crucial."

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