Can You Guess Which Lip Color Is High-End and Which Is Drugstore?

We’re big on lipstick at Byrdie HQ. Swiping on a bold color in the morning or right before heading into a meeting is as energizing and uplifting as a good cup of coffee. It makes you feel good, like you can take on whatever’s thrown your way. It may sound like we’re overselling a tube of lipstick, but trust us on this one.

Since we hold lipstick in such high regard, it’s important that we use a good one. That means it has to be highly pigmented and long-lasting, and that it won’t create that gross inner ring in our lips after we sip and eat. But that doesn’t mean we have to fork over a wad of cash to find a high-performing product; we’ve found many drugstore products that give department store brands some stiff competition—even in the realm of lipstick. Don’t believe us? Try to see if you can tell the difference between high-end and drugstore lip colors in the images below!

What’s your favorite drugstore and/or high-end lipstick? Sound off below!

Opening Image: Lindsey Metrus