See What 5 Beauty Editors Would Buy With $30 at the Drugstore

Beauty editors are experts at navigating the aisles of a drugstore—it’s practically part of our job description. Sure, we love our luxe lipsticks and wallet-lightening face masks, but you’ll always find a bevy of $5 lipsticks and cheapie gems nestled between our La Prairie and La Mer. After all, if a product works, it works.

Thus, we posed ourselves a challenge: If we only had $30 to spend at our neighborhood drugstore, what would we buy? In other words, when it really comes down to it, what are the drugstore products we absolutely can’t live without? Turns out, Team Byrdie has quite varied tastes when it comes to drugstore makeup, skincare, and hair products. Keep scrolling to find out what we chose!

What would you buy with $30 at the drugstore? Have you tried any of our picks? Sound off below!