The Korean Beauty Craze Has Officially Hit Drugstore Status

Your pajama-clad 1 a.m. runs to CVS just got way more interesting. Following the lead of Target, Nordstrom, and more, the drugstore is the latest in an ever-growing list of mainstream stores to debut a Korean beauty section. Isn't it kind of unbelievable that just a couple of years ago, we had no clue what a 10-step skincare routine could possibly entail—and now, we can get the best K-beauty products in the same place we frequent for cough drops and paper towel "emergencies?"

Curated by none other than Alicia Yoon of online K-beauty destination Peach and Lily, the 100-product range will hit shelves in 2100 CVS stores in April. And while we'll have to hold out until then to see which products made the cut with Yoon's very savvy eye, we know to only expect the best.

In the meantime, shop some of our favorites from Peach and Lily below.