6 Drinks That Will Clear Your Acne, According to Science

There's no denying we're product junkies, but when it comes to acne, we'd rather apply more of a holistic approach than hoard spot treatments and cleansers. Especially for those of us who fall victim to the drying and burning side effects of pimple potions, addressing the situation internally makes for less stress on the skin (and in general).

So when we recently learned that spearmint tea is acne's foe (more on that to come), we decided to research some other ways to sip our way to a clearer complexion, sans skincare products. Truth be told, there's lots of tea ahead (tea is the Magic Eraser of pimples), but we've included a few other tasty libations to quench your thirst… for a smoother complexion, that is. Take a look at the best anti-blemish beverages below!