Drew Barrymore, Lash Queen

Drew Barrymore's love of makeup isn't surprising. The actress has set one beauty trend after another, from the thin eyebrows and brown lipstick of the '90s to the ombre trend of the aughts, thanks to both her willingness to try something new and the fact that all those things look great on her. She's also been the face of Lancome and served as Co-Creative Director of CoverGirl for the past five years, so we can't think of anyone else from whom we'd rather buy makeup.

Needless to say, we're excited about Flower, her cosmetics collection produced in collaboration with Wal-Mart debuts this month with 181 products, including tinted moisturizers, stackable lipsticks, and rich eye shadow palettes. Flower features dozens of stellar products, but it's the brand's Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara ($8) that caught our eye. It features a changeable wand: you can twist the cap to make it short and spiraled, long and thin, or somewhere in the middle. "I used to love this mascara called Dial-A-Lash--a big tube that could stand up on its own because the bottom was a big circular dial that went from one to 10 to change the wand," Barrymore says, referring to Maybelline's now discontinued mascara from 1981. "Ten would be really goopy and one would tighten the wiper so it'd disperse a minimal amount. It was basically perfect since you want clumpy thick lashes some days and a defined, fine lash on others."

When Barrymore set out to make her own formula, she knew exactly what she wanted. Her line includes a Volumizing Mascara ($7) and a Lengthening Mascara ($7), but the Zoom-In does everything in one. "We're the only mass company with this technology," Barrymore says. "I always wondered when something like Dial-A-Lash would come back on the market and then, because we don't spend any money on advertising or marketing and are a very nimble company, I was so excited that we could be the ones to do it."

So what's the best way to use the brush? Follow Barrymore's lead: "I like to crush the wand all the way down and drag it through the base of my lashes, shimmying it up to get as much product as I can on there. Then I lengthen the brush and comb through and up to define the lashes (while still delivering more product)--I'm really wacky for it!"