Drew Barrymore Shares the $6 Makeup Wipes That Give Her a "Little Spa Experience Every Day"

drew barrymore

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s week of beauty strikes again. The 45 year-old actor and Flower Beauty founder has been sharing her favorite products as part of a new Instagram series to pass the time (and help us out with effective formulas). From skin-tightening facials to her drugstore shampoo secrets, the mom of two is sharing it all. If you haven’t tried a Barrymore-approved beauty fix, then the most recent is a place to start.

Today, Barrymore revealed her favorite water-activated dry cloths—Olay's Daily Facials Sensitive Clean ($6). Barrymore recommends these multi-purpose wipes (they're like a traditional makeup wipe, by dry—which means less preservatives) for when “you’re emotionally over it,” (check) and says they treat her to a "little spa experience every day." She gushed via Instagram about how the gentle cloths are perfect for her sensitive skin, and work to easily remove a full face of makeup. She admits they make her skincare routine seem fun again.

"I'm 45 years-old and I didn’t think I could find something that made me look forward to washing my face,” Barrymore says. For six dollars, we’ll give her hack to a grime-free face a try. The affordable facial cleansing wipes are infused with ingredients like aloe leaf extract and glycerin to nourish and hydrate your skin, and, they come in two other formulas based on your skin's needs: Daily Facials Deeply Purifying Clean and Daily Facials Daily Hydrating Clean

If you’re stuck in a skincare rut (relatable) and would like to spark a little joy in your routine (or life), we suggest giving Barrymore a follow. In addition to sharing her beauty finds, she’s launched a digital series leading-up to The Drew Barrymore Show’s broadcast debut and a monthly Spotify playlist. Not to mention, she acted as her own makeup artist for the August cover of InStyle. Like we said—queen.

olay daily facials dry cloths
Olay Daily Facials Sensitive Clean $6

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