Dree Hemingway Shares Her #1 Zit-Zapping Hack and What She Keeps in Her Fridge

Call her Dree Hemingway—not "Ernest Hemingway's great-granddaughter," not "Mariel Hemingway's daughter," not "Margaux Hemingway's niece." The 28-year-old model stands tall (five feet, nine inches, to be exact) on her own in Hollywood, and if anything, the famous last name has only made things more difficult. As Hemingway (we're talking Dree here) told The Associated Press, "[The name] gets you in there, but once you do, you've got to f---ing prove yourself. The modeling, I think it's different because they don't give a f---, it's harder to get in there with a name already, and I think I had to prove myself, and it didn't matter who I was." Knowing this, I didn't dare mention her famous relatives during our chat at The Baccarat Hotel in Manhattan last month.

Walking into the gorgeous suite where I was meeting Dree was like something out of a dream. The décor is exquisite, and tiny bottles of Chloé Fleur de Parfum ($105)—the perfume Dree is the face of—are artfully presented throughout. I make my way to the bedroom, where Dree is bent over a bed checking out some Polaroids she's just taken. I greet her and am met with a beaming smile. I take a peek at the pictures myself and am pleasantly surprised to see a variation of silly faces within each white border. Instantly, without formally speaking to the model, I gather that she's a total free spirit (her '70s-inspired garb—leather pants included—septum nose ring, and practically makeup-free face allude to the same).

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