Why One Hairstylist Won't Use This Revolutionary Repair Product

Updated 09/08/17

Olaplex has been getting A LOT of attention, and overwhelmingly positive attention at that. So we found it perplexing that after speaking with a few hairstylists, not all of them were totally thrilled. (Seriously, we even received some eye rolls.) Was it the cost? The time commitment? We asked an expert to shed some light on the disconnect between what we’ve been reading and we’ve been hearing.

Lorri Goddard—stylist to Chloë Moretz, Kirsten Dunst, and Reese Witherspoon at her Goddard + Bragg salon in West Hollywood—shared that she’s tested it out herself. Goddard explained, “I think it is important to test new products and discover what works best for you and your clients. I did many strand tests and on models before it launched.” Despite her immediate interest in the brand, Goddard does not currently use Olaplex and here’s why: “Tests have shown Olaplex is water based. I found adding a water-based product diminished my hair color performance and slowed down my process time," Goddard explained.


Goddard’s words mirror what we’ve heard in passing through various stylists, but we’re thrilled the news isn’t that Olaplex is bad for hair health. So what should we trust when pressed for time and going lighter? Goddard says she swears by Brazilian Bond Builder ($25). Goddard tested BBB when it launched through the same process as Olaplex, explaining, “My assistants and I did many tests. I now add Brazilian Bond Builder for ALL my hair color techniques.” She continued, “The B3 formula has a few oils and no water in the ingredients.I prefer it (because) it adds shine and strength without slowing down my process time.”

Well, there you have it. Time is money. But as an individual personally suffering from (and regularly weeping over) fried hair following a bleaching experience at another renowned salon, I'm interested in investing any amount of time to get my soft texture back, Olaplex or otherwise. 

How do you feel about trendy Olaplex? You'll need a salon professional's help even if you plan to purchase it through the brand's website. If you do, don’t forget to let us know your feedback once you try it!

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