Seriously: This Simple Blush Technique Completely Changed My Face

Ever since my 16-year-old self fortuitously stumbled upon Almost Famous while clicking through channels, I’ve been on an eternal quest to look like Kate Hudson’s Penny Lane. There was something about her that struck my young and impressionable mind. I don’t know if it was her cool textured hair, insane vintage wardrobe, or breezy, unaffected attitude. Probably a mix of all three. Whatever it was, it inspired me to buy a pair of corduroy pants and a tube of glitter eyeliner with my babysitting money.

Years later, I’m still not over the ’70s look (and either are the fashion and beauty worlds). So, as you can imagine, I was beyond excited when I came across the newest beauty trend: draping. Inspired by the height of the disco era, this beauty technique was created by Way Bandy, the industry’s first celebrity makeup artist. Decades ago, he worked with the likes of Farah Fawcett, Lauren Hutton, and Jerry Hall.

So what is draping, exactly? It's similar to contouring in that it exaggerates curves and angles of the face to enhance your natural features. But instead of needing a bevy of new contour sticks and palettes, all you need is blush. And thanks to Marc Jacobs, it’s back in the beauty spotlight. According to Marc Jacobs Beauty Global Makeup Artist Gilbert Soliz, there are four ways to drape, and I tried each one using the brand’s Air Blush Soft Glow Duos. Some made me feel like an honorary member of the bygone era; others… not so much.

Want to learn how to create the flushed, lively complexion of a disco-era dancing queen? Right this way.

Try this trend out for yourself, and snap us your favorite look @byrdiebeauty!