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It seems like every day, there's a new beauty guru makeup brand. The market may be flush with options for how to make your creativity show off on your face, and the best people to learn that from are those who make their living knowing about makeup. Nikita Dragun and her cosmetics line, Dragun Beauty, burst onto the market with two products in a dragon's egg, and the beauty industry exploded. Dragun, who boasts millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube, is one of the few trans CEOs, and from the get-go, she set out to change the game. With her background in makeup artistry and business (Dragun has a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), this brand was a hit straight from launch—and shows zero signs of slowing down. Plus, Dragun Beauty products are finally available online and in stores at Morphe; so if you've been looking to try the line out, now's your chance.

Dragun Beauty

Founded: Nikita Dragun, Los Angeles, CA

Based In: Los Angeles, CA

Pricing: $$

Best Known For: According to Dragun, for being "the first-ever trans-owned makeup brand for trans people and all people."

Most Popular Product: DragunFire Color Correctors

Fun Fact: The brand's initial launch was two products that came encased in a purple dragon's egg, an homage to the company's name.

Other Brands You’ll Love: ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr, Trixie Cosmetics

Dragun founded Dragun Beauty because she felt that the makeup industry hadn't made enough strides for inclusion in the beauty space for trans people. "I, as a trans woman, had certain needs that I felt weren’t being represented in the makeup industry, and I decided to create those products—being a color corrector and brightening powder—to appear more feminine." This proved to be a huge moment because these weren't just products for transgender people: "These are products that help not only myself but so many other people in their life beyond being transgender—for trans people and all people." Dragun herself calls her beauty line a "brand about transformation," with the goal and hope of reaching those who feel underrepresented in the beauty industry. As a person with multiple sices and facets, it's always important to make sure you're showing every side of yourself and celebrating all of those sides. "It’s all about being the architect of your own beauty and being f-cking confident," she explains. She wants Dragun Beauty to be for "the different girls, and boys, and those who have yet to decide." Read on for our favorite Dragun Beauty products—including the favorites from Dragun herself.

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DragunFire Color Corrector

white bottle with white text filled orange next to white applicator
Dragun Beauty DragunFire Color Corrector $25.00

One of Dragun Beauty's hero products, this color corrector is one of the fan favorites. Designed to be the first step in your beauty routine, these color correctors—which come in lavender, green, and orange—can correct and conceal anything that might be getting in the way of you achieving true greatness. Use the orange corrector on grey or blue under eyes and acne scars, the lavender to counteract any yellow tones and the green is great for redness. This is one of Dragun's favorites and one of the brand's most popular colors.

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Fantasy Palette Vol. I

light purple palette with 5 shades and mirror
Dragun Beauty Fantasy Palette Vol. I $30.00

The dragon's egg motif continues with Dragun Beauty's palette, which comes in two volumes—the first, shown here, is a gorgeous mixture of mattes and shimmer shades in a purple palette. The burnt red and light brown are perfect for building a base, and then create the purple eyes of your absolute dreams with the matte purple and lavender shimmers.

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Transformation Face Powder

white palette with tan heart-shaped palette
Dragun Beauty Transformation Face Powder $35.00

These gorgeous brightening powders aren't just heart-shaped, they also go straight to your heart with how well they work. Coming in both pink opal and yellow topaz, the TRANSformation powders are the perfect finishing step for any makeup. It'll set your makeup and have you looking radiant and bright all night long.

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Fantasy Palette Vol. II

navy palette with 5 egg-shaped pressed powders
Dragun Beauty Fantasy Palette Vol. II $15.00

The brand's second line of palettes takes a blue shade range this time, with the same concept as its purple sister. This time, a matte navy along with a shimmery teal and glittery grey will give your eyes the pop they've always needed. They're heavily pigmented enough that a little bit can go a long, long way.

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DragunWing Liquid Eyeliner

white pen tube with navy text
Dragun Beauty DragunWing Liquid Eyeliner $18.00

As an eyeliner snob, the search for the perfect felt tip is a journey that will take a lifetime. The Dragun Beauty eyeliner is pretty close, with a precision tip that can give you a razor-sharp cat-eye or do close detail work when tightlining your eye. And once it's set, it's there for good—great for anyone with no time to be worried about how perfect their eyeliner is.

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clear and red tube with white top and text
Dragun Beauty DragunGlass $11.00 $13.00

One of Dragun's favorite products, these matte liquid lips are smudge-proof and extremely comfortable. Full of moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil, these liquid lips truly will make you rethink the stigma of previous liquid lips. They settle in beautifully, making you feel as though you're wearing lip balm, but with a million times the impact.

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TRANSlucent Setting Powder

lavender tub of powder
Dragun Beauty TRANSlucent Setting Powder $20.00

The latest entry to the Dragun Beauty Family, this setting powder is everything you want a setting powder to be. Truly, when Dragun says she's living her fantasy, she's talking about this powder, which is filled with ingredients to make your skin look far more radiant and absorb oil while promising to hydrate the skin through amino acids. It comes in multiple shades for any skin tone to show off.

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Lip Job Liner

navy pencil and navy box
Dragun Beauty Lip Job Liner $9.00

If you're big into overlining your lips (or looking to start), the Dragun Beauty Lip Job Liner is a perfect starter. Coming in three shades of brown, these are the nude liners you dreamed of your entire life. These go on easy to contour your lips into shape, leading to a much plumper-looking lip, no needles needed.

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