Dr. Whitney Bowe's New Skincare Brand Focuses on the Gut-Skin-Mind Connection

Dr. Whitney Bowe

Dr. Whitney Bowe

Dr. Whitney Bowe is one of the most dynamic dermatologists. The New York-based skincare expert has published over 40 peer-reviewed scientific articles and book chapters, obtained a patent for bacterial-derived acne treatment, and regularly serves as a consultant to the beauty industry. In between treating patients and compiling groundbreaking research, Dr. Bowe also finds time to share her skincare knowledge with her 365K TikTok followers. She does it all.

Throughout her booming career, Dr. Bowe has always stood out due to her unique point of view on skincare. More than a decade ago, she began highlighting the skin-gut-mind connection. Through her "three-dimensional" approach to skincare, she's helped popularize treating skin from the outside and inside.

Though Dr. Bowe has already left an indelible mark on the skincare industry, she constantly finds new ways to serve her clients and community. Her latest endeavor? A skincare line. Her brand, Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty, is a physical embodiment of the philosophies she's been preaching her entire career. 

"Even if you apply the best products in the most thoughtful and deliberate way, you'll always hit a plateau in terms of the results you can achieve," Dr. Bowe says. "If you want to break through that ceiling, you have to approach the skin three-dimensionally. That's why I started Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty."

Dr. Bowe is launching with two powerhouse products—Bowe Glowe Microbiome Nourishing Cream ($95) and Bowe Growe Pomegranate Microbiome Elixir ($49)—that are sustainably sourced, cruelty-free, and housed in eco-conscious packaging

Dr. Whitney Bowe Skincare

Dr. Whitney Bowe

The former is a silky daily moisturizer that took two years to create. "Bowe Glowe has prebiotics, probiotics, ceramides, squalane, and hyaluronic acid," she says. "It rebalances the microbiome and strengthens the skin barrier to give you an immediate luminous glow." 

Bowe Growe, water-enhancing skincare drops, is the brand's inner skincare offering. Dr. Bowe spent a year and a half developing the formula—which includes a potent blend of polyphenols ​​(pomegranate, blackberry, blueberry, black currant, cranberry, concord grape), lemon juice, coconut water, and monk fruit. Ultimately, the elixir boosts skin radiance by nourishing the gut microbiome. 

"When your gut microbiome is out of balance, your intestinal lining becomes permeable," she explains. "This means the inflammatory molecules that are supposed to be housed within your gut can penetrate through your gut lining and trigger inflammation throughout your body. It can show up in your skin as dehydration, sensitive skin, and accelerated skin aging. It can also exacerbate acne, rosacea, and eczema. By drinking Bowe Growe, you're rebalancing your gut microbiome and promoting healthy skin from the inside out."

Dr. Whitney Bowe

Dr. Whitney Bowe

Dr. Bowe understands consumers may be skeptical of claims like this. That's why she made rigorous clinical testing a cornerstone of the brand. She ensured extensive research was done on individual ingredients, final formulas, and the performance of the products when used together. 

Dr. Bowe mainly relied on objective studies— which use cutting-edge technology to quantify changes in the skin—to test efficacy. "When I say my product is rebalancing the skin microbiome, I'm using next-generation sequencing technology and partnering with the top molecular geneticists to study what my products do for the skin microbiome," she says. "When I say it repairs the skin barrier, I'm doing trans epidermal water loss studies using a Tewameter. When I say it improves skin hydration, I'm using a Corneometer."

Through her vetting, she found impressive results. A Tewl Test revealed a single application of Bowe Glowe is proven to repair the skin's natural protective barrier in just one hour. And when Bowe Glowe and Bowe Growe are used together, 100% of users immediately showed a clinically measured increase in skin hydration.

Receiving consumer feedback was also important to Dr. Bowe, and she let many of her longtime patients test the products before launch. "One of my patients that I started to test the products on is a celebrity makeup artist," she says. "She told me she was getting someone ready and gave them a dose of Bowe Growe and an application of Bowe Glowe. She said within minutes that person's face appeared plumper and less dry."

Now that Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty has officially debuted, Dr. Bowe is thrilled more people will be able to elevate their skincare rituals with her products. She is also excited about what's to come during her next chapter as a brand founder. "I think I'm taking a very three-dimensional approach to my career," she notes. "I started out treating patients and researching science. The next phase of my career is to become an entrepreneur and create practical, innovative skincare solutions."

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