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Sanam Hafeez has been practicing as a licensed (neuro)psychologist in New York City in varying capacities, from clinician to teaching and supervising faculty, at various institutions since 2004. In that time, she founded a center for assessments and evaluations, Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services, based in Queens and Manhattan. She procures city and government contracts to provide assessments and evaluations to agencies such as the NYC Department of Education, CUNY, and various school districts and charter schools. She also become a court expert in cases ranging from custody to immigration, and procured city and government contracts.

Hafeez is a sought-out media expert by reputed publications such as The New York Times and The Washington Post. Her topics of interest and contribution range from the effects of social media on brain function to ADHD, depression, and beauty and wellness and the role of psychological processes. She also enjoys writing about parenting, friendships, relationships, in general, and specific to topics such as addictions, violence, and the evolving world of social media.


Sanam Hafeez has a doctorate from Hofstra University (PsyD) in school-community psychology and a masters degree from Hoftsra in school psychology. Her bachelors degree is from Queens College, CUNY.

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