The £16 Product That Could Fix Your Skin (and No, It's Not a Serum)

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When I got acne in my early 20s, it was Dr. Sam Bunting who fixed my skin. She is a clear-skin whisperer and knows everything there is to know about adult skin acting out like a teenager’s.

After years in the industry, Dr Bunting has launched her first skincare product (with more to follow). So what is this key product that she debuted her line with? Well, it’s not an active-rich serum or techy gadget. It’s a £16 cleanser.

Dr Sam's Flawless Cleanser Review
Courtesy of Dr. Sam Bunting

Dr Bunting has a YouTube channel and Facebook group, and from speaking directly to people via the internet and her patients in her clinic, she realised that the beauty industry wasn’t talking to them. Her press release reads: “The anti-blemish market currently talks almost solely to teens; and the anti-ageing market pays little consideration to the 40% of women who are acne-prone.”

Sounds familiar, right? She has started with a cleanser, Dr Sam’s Flawless Cleanser (£16) which she has dubbed “The One.” She believes cleansing is the cornerstone of any good skincare routine, but one that people get wrong time and again. “It’s a fundamental: get cleansing wrong and it’s very hard to get skin right,” says Dr Bunting. Her patients were trying to fix their skin woes with elaborate cleansing regimes and yet they were still suffering from bumpy, red, irritated complexions.

Dr Sam's Flawless Cleanser Review
Courtesy of Dr. Sam Bunting

With her cleanser, she is disrupting the trend-driven market and going back to basics, or as she has coined it “perfected basics”.

It’s a jelly-like, gel cleanser which doesn’t strip or dry the skin. Dr Bunting isn’t a fan of double cleansing, so this one product removes makeup, SPF, excess oil and grime in just one minute. It doesn’t leave any residue, so it won’t clog the skin or prevent your treatment products from getting to where they need to. Super functional and fragrance-free, there are no excess ingredients. Shop it below.

Dr Sam's Flawless Cleanser Review
Dr Sam’s Flawless Cleanser $16

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