Is This Topical Treatment Better Than Botox?


When it comes to growing up, we're all for doing whatever it takes to age gracefully. Here at Byrdie Australia, we're advocates for treatments and products that are going to keep us looking like our fresh-faced selves for as long as humanly possible (injectables included, if that's your bag).

Botox is touted as one of the most effective remedies for smoothing expression lines, however it's not everyone's cup of tea. And while many topical creams claim to treat wrinkles at a surface level, can they really compete? We put them to the test and tasked 29-year-old Verity to trial the Dr. LeWinn's Line Smoothing range for two weeks. Here's how she fared.

Verity's Skin History

"As a teenager, I was asked what I would change about myself if I could choose only one thing. Without hesitation, I answered, 'My skin'. I had terrible spots across my chin for a lot of my teens and throughout uni. I was so self-conscious about it that my mum let me stay home from school once because I was so distraught at the thought of wearing a particularly large pimple out in public. Growing up with such sensitive skin means I've always shied away from putting too much product on my face.

"More recently, my skin has started to feel dehydrated and I've also noticed more prominent wrinkling around my eyes."

Dr. LeWinn's Line Smoothing Complex Hydrating Day Cream $75

Her Regular Routine

"I'm a fan of the basics—moisturiser, night cream, eye cream and sunscreen. I've always believed that the less product I put on my skin, the better.

"Botox or wrinkle treatments have never really been on my radar—although I have been told in the past that my deep frown lines make me an ideal candidate! I started using anti-ageing eye creams a couple of years ago. They help when it comes to reducing morning lines, but I haven't noticed a big long-term difference, so I haven't found 'the one' yet.

"I don't spend a lot on skincare—less than $50 per month."

Dr. LeWinn's Line Smoothing Complex Instant Line Eraser Serum $75

The Trial

Verity was given the full range of Dr. LeWinn's Line Smoothing products to use, including Line Smoothing Complex: High Potency Treatment Mask ($75), Instant Line Eraser Serum ($75), Eye Recovery Complex ($75), Hydrating Day Cream ($75), Double Intensity Night Cream ($75), Corrective Line Filler ($75) and Triple Action Day Defence ($75). 

"I applied Instant Line Eraser Serum twice daily, followed by the eye cream and either the corrective line filler or Triple Action Day Defence products. (I only chose one at a time as I was applying them to the same areas.) I missed a couple of the day cream applications, but was a bit better about applying the night cream. I also used the face masks once a week.

"The hydrogel face masks were my favourite—they made my skin feel all warm after I removed them. Luckily, most of the products were quite light and absorbed quickly—I didn't feel like I had slathered myself in creams! And none of them had an over-powering smell."

Dr. LeWinn's Line Smoothing Complex Corrective Line Filler $75

The Results

"It's only been a short trial period, so I think it's probably too early to tell about the effect on my laughter lines, but I do definitely feel that my skin is brighter. The products have helped to hydrate and firm up my skin to a degree already.

"I would definitely use the serum again, as well as the face masks and the smoothing complex products."

Dr. LeWinn's Line Smoothing Complex High Potency Treatment Mask $75

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