Models Are Obsessed With This Skincare Line, and It Landed at Mecca Today

Dr Barbara Sturm Review

Remember when Kim Kardashian-West posted an Instagram photo of her face covered in blood? That was the Vampire Facial, and it was administered by German Physician Dr. Barbara Sturm. Less macabre (but just as exciting), Dr. Sturm also has a line of highly efficacious skincare products that, until now, were hard to get your hands on in Australia, because, what else is new? But, it is our proud duty to announce that as of today, you can pick up the range at Mecca Cosmetica, and our bathroom cabinet couldn't be more ready. With fans like Shanina Shaik, Elsa Hosk, and Hailey Baldwin, we're predicting this line is about to go gangbusters, and for very good reason. 

For a little insight (and our thoughts), keep scrolling. 


Dr. Sturm's line, aptly called "molecular cosmetics", uses a blend of natural extracts with active ingredients for a line that's simple, but highly effective. The range also employs the skin-loving benefits of Purslane, which acts as both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory for the skin. Science aside, speaking from experience, our editor can tell you it's truly as good as they say. The Hyaluronic Serum will give you baby skin (Shanina agrees), and the mask will fix a bad complexion in a pinch. While it's pricey, it works. So for those wondering, yes, it's 100 percent worth eating two-minute noodles for a month to add some Dr. Sturm magic into your skincare regime. 

Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream Women $236
Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum $423
Dr. Barbara Sturm Deep Hydrating Face Mask $212

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