I Used a Moisturizer Made From My Own Blood—This Is What Happened

There are certain things I expect to happen when I got to a beauty press preview. I’ll usually learn about the new product launch, what makes it special, and hopefully get to take it home with me to try for myself (my bathroom counter is heavily laden with the effects of the latter).

And then there are things that I never expect to happen during a press preview. Getting my blood drawn in the middle of a hotel room by a sprightly, Gucci-clad German aesthetics doctor is one; being told that the vial of my own blood will then be turned into a moisturizer for my own use is another. And yet both of those things happened one unassuming day in L.A. at the Mondrian Hotel, and my skin (and psyche) will never be the same.

The magical blood cream in question is the brainchild of Dr. Barbara Sturm, a renowned German physician who specializes in the field of facial aesthetics and skincare and credited as the pioneer of the vampire facial (yes, the one that Kim Kardashian West forever branded into everyone’s memory via jarring Instagram shot). Sturm flies to L.A. to tend to clients like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and other A-listers she is reluctant to name because, hello, privacy. So—why have I been using a moisturizer made from my own blood for the past month, and has it turned me into an actual vampire in the process? Keep scrolling to find out.