This Video Reminds Us to Stop Worrying So Much About Likes

How many of us have felt our self-worth plummet when an Instagram snap doesn’t get as much love as expected? A lot, according to a survey conducted by Dove: Of more than a million girls in the U.K. who have poor body confidence, one in six feel prettier online—something that ebbs and flows based on how many likes they get on a given post.

It’s a sign of the times, but it’s also exactly what inspired Dove’s latest self-confidence campaign. The brand is challenging social media users everywhere to post selfies and other pics with the hashtag #nolikesneeded, as a way of declaring that in the end, the only person’s like that matters is your own. 

While the video appears to target a younger generation, it turns out that 20-somethings are actually guiltier of seeking confidence through social media: Dove found that women ages 18 to 23 sought three times as many likes as those from 13 to 17. Not good, right?

It’s all a powerful reminder that as much as we love Instagram, it’s just… Instagram. 

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