4 Beauty Editors Test Drive Dove's New Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Ever since information became available to the public about the possible dangers of aluminum in antiperspirant (specifically because of its close location to breast tissue), safer, more natural alternatives have flooded shelves. Technically speaking, there is no sound scientific evidence that illustrates a cause-and-effect relationship between aluminum and breast cancer, though, some research suggests that when the compound is absorbed into the skin, it has hormonal effects. Still, just the possibility is enough to warrant alarm, and consumers are playing it safe with more body-conscious choices, even opting for straight-up rock crystals to get the job done. If it means protecting your body, why not try a more holistic path?

In years past, natural versions weren't as accessible and have had the type of crunchy, granola exterior you'd expect to find in a health food store. But lately, brands have made ditching toxins feel so much more chic, with elevated marketing and the type of packaging you'd proudly display on your vanity. This elevation–and cleaner ingredient list—often comes at a cost, though, which is why it's been exciting to see more mass brands like Secret and Arm & Hammer at least kicking aluminum off of their ingredient lists. The latest drugstore brand to join this movement is Dove, a brand we as beauty editors have used for years, so when the news broke that a safer version was hitting stores, we each grabbed a tube and gave them a spin. Our unfiltered thoughts, below.